Latest Airtel Reversal Data Cheat 2019 Enjoy Unlimited Data For Free

Latest Airtel reversal data cheat. Reverse your data subscription. Enjoy onlimited data free
airtel cheat
Latest Airtel Reversal Data Cheat 2019 Enjoy Unlimited Data For Free
We have decided to share the airtel cheat on Tech blog for everyone to enjoy.

  Airtel has a service that lets customers reverse their data plan after purchase.

  This service was rolled out for customers who may have selected the wrong data plan and would like to get their money back. 

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 This service lets you reverse your data and get back your credit in as much as you don’t use the data and only works within the first 24 hours after you purchase a data plan.

 But we have found a loophole with this service that lets you get unlimited data on the Airtel network.

 First, you would want to make sure you are eligible for Airtel double data offer. As this only works for those customers who qualify for the Airtel double data offer

 If you are eligible for Airtel binary data...subscribe to any of the existing Airtel data plans by dialing *141#.

 For myself, I subscribed to the Airtel #500 for 750MB and was givens an additional 750MB as a bonus offer. Dial *140# to check your data status.

 You can then use your data to Browse a bit.

Recheck your data status by dialing *140#.

This is just to confirmed that your data has been deducted from your bonus offer.

 Once confirmed, you can continue to use this bonus offer, just make sure you don't finish it so your primary data won't be deducted.

 Now dial *121*6# to reverse your data. And you should get an option that lets you modify your data.

 Select an option, your data will be reversed, and your credit returned.

You can then use this credit to subscribe again.


 Ensure you are eligible for Airtel double data offer.

 Subscribe to any Airtel data plan

 Use your bonus offer and dial *121*6# to reverse your data plan.

 You can then use your credit to resubscribe to any existing data plan.


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