How To Find Your Smart Phone With Find My Device


Find My device Never Loose Your smart Phone Again
Nowadays loosing of smart phones have been the most painful thing that ever happen to some people. Most people find it difficult to get over the pain of their lost phone due to some essential thing stored on the device. But now, Google find my device have made finding  lost smartphones  so easy.
This application gives you extra security, Thanks to the fact that you can always be aware of where your device is, and if you can't get it back, then you can restore it remotely to factory settings so that no one will have access to your information.

Another useful feature in this Android Device Manager is that it can also make your phone ring nonstop. which could be really helpful if you misplace your smartphone around your home or office.

Google Android Device Manager service is one of the most useful  tools to find your device in case of loss or theft. While it was definitely efficient, they have fully done something about this problem  and they have just released a revamped version of the service.

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