Latest Mtn cheats: How to get 350mb using 24clan vpn


Latest Mtn cheat using 24clan VPN

    Features of 24Clan VPN

    With the new features of 24clan VPN

     > No need of importing files unlike tweak ware (you can create a file to import . without importing it will still work )
    > It connects with 5 to 10seconds
    > you will  choose 3 server
    Click to Download 24clan VPN 
    We have provided a few steps on how to set up the 24clan VPN on the Mtn network. 

    How to use 24clan VPN to get 350mb on Mtn network

    1. Download and install 24clan VPN
    2. Make sure you have switched on your data connection and make sure you are on 3G or 4G network
    3. Go to the App and click on connect you will be given 350mb at a go so, Enjoy! !!

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