Boost Airtel 3GB For N500 Data Plan From 2G To 3G to 4G Network Speed Using Samsung Max Vpn

Boost airtel 2g data plan to 3g or 4g, some time ago Airtel Nigeria have rolled out a surprising data which keep most of us that like cheap data plan in suspense. 

    This data plan which is 3gb for N500 can only be used on a 2g network "very surprising ☺" we discover that Airtel deliberately decreases its bandwidth so since we have found the through colour of the problem there isn't any reason to be afraid of subscribing to the data plan.

    Boost Airtel Data plan

    How Can I Subscribe to Airtel 3GB for N500 Data Plan?

    Note this data plan works for all Airtel subscribers both old and new sim.

    If you don't know how to subscribe to this data plan or you are just seeing this for the first time just follow the simple steps below ↓↓
    • Recharge N500 credit or top up your balance to N500
    • Dial *482*2#. Select either you want to continue with another data plan when the subscription expires or not.

    You will receive a message that you have successfully subscribed to 3GB for N500 valid for 25days(2G).
    Now the data plan is still limited to 2G Network so you will have to increase the bandwidth to 3G or 4G Network.

    How to Boost Airtel 3GB For N500 Data Plan From 2G to 3G or 4G Network Using Samsung Max Vpn

    • Download Samsung Max Vpn here 
    • Turn on your internet connection and lunch Samsung Max Vpn 
    • Connect Samsung max VPN. It might take some seconds before the VPN start.
    By following this few steps you have finally boost Airtel 2G data plan to your smartphone compatible network speed.