How to Reactivate Temporarily Banned WhatsApp Accounts

It's no more news that Whatsapp a free cross-platform instant messaging app owned by Facebook have already announced to be temporarily banning third-party users such as WhatsApp plus, GB WhatsApp and other related WhatsApp mods.

    WhatsApp does not deliberately ban users, whats ban users when it detects any policy violation which you have agreed on before creating your account. we have stated in this post how to reactivate temporarily banned WhatsApp account some Whatsapp policy violations.


    Reason Why Whatsapp Block or Suspend Your Account

    • You have shared too many messages with a lot of contacts in a short time. When you use the WhatsApp shear button many times on a single message, WhatsApp sees that particular message as spam which is highly prohibited. Such a message might provoke some contacts which can make them report such a message as spam.
    • You have installed a third party WhatsApp application. WhatsApp might temporarily ban your account if you are using Whatsapp that is not developed by Whatsapp developers such as GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp plus e.t.c.
    • Many users blocked you in a short period.
    • you have created groups and added people that does not save your contact.
    • Sending rumours, malicious links, unlawful, threatening, harassing, discriminative, racism, obscene and libellous messages can also lead to WhatsApp Ban.
    • Violation of WhatsApp terms and conditions. If you violate WhatsApp terms and condition which have been stated on their websites, WhatsApp can suspend your accounts.

    How to Know If  Whatsapp Have Block Your Contacts or Suspend Your Account

    if you violate any rule stated above then you know your WhatsApp account is liable to be blocked. You might receive a message saying “Your phone number +1234567899 is temporarily banned from WhatsApp. Contact Support “. OR you might just see an action related to the screenshot below ↓↓

    any time you see a message like this know this WhatsApp have temporarily banned your account.

    How to Reactivate Temporarily Banned WhatsApp Account

    Reactivation of temporarily banned WhatsApp is quite easy, just follow the simple steps below ↓↓
    • First of all, you need to read and understand the terms & conditions. Most times, the majority of us neglect the terms and conditions guiding a particular application which quite wrong, reading the terms and conditions guiding an application really work helps a lot from violating its rules.
    • If you are using third-party apps such as GB Whatsapp, Whatsapp plus and other related WhatsApp mods try to uninstall the app and migrate to the original WhatsApp app.
    • Delete group chats and private chats of users that haven't save your number or you can ask them to save you contact.
    You can wait for 48 to 72 hrs for your account to be reactivated, though the time of the account reactivation might vary.

    On the contrary, if your account is banned permanently it might not b reactivated. Just consider reopening another Whatsapp account with a new number.

    You can also Whatsapp contact support to lodge your complaint.

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