4 Ways to Increase Internet Speed On Your PC (Windows )


A fast internet connection gives a good browsing experience. However, it takes a significant role in downloading media and files from the internet.

    Most times, we always think of a way to increase our internet speed to hasting our downloading speed and other things we do on the internet. We get annoyed when it takes hours to download a small file, even in this 4G and 3G internet speed era.

    In this post am going to shear ways to increase your pc internet speed so let ride on☺

    how to increase your internet speed
     Increase Internet Speed


    How to Test Your Current Internet Speed

    Before you conclude that your internet or wifi connection is slow, you have to test your internet speed first. Here are a few apps you can use to check your PC's internet connection on your pc ( Windows). ↓↓

    1. NetSpot


    NetSpot is not only the best speed test app for Windows, but it's also the most versatile. For example, NetSpot's Active Scanning feature reliably tests upload rate, download rate, and wireless transmission rate via HTTP, TCP, or UDP.

     NetSpot lets you manually configure how much data you would like to transmit for the purpose of the test. Allowing you to choose between performing a quick analysis that takes just a few seconds to complete and a more comprehensive test that averages your internet speeds over a more extended period.

    NetSpot is available for Windows and macOS, and you can download and test it free of charge.

    2. Network Speed Test

    Network Speed Test is a handy wifi speed test app that lets you test your wifi speed against the closest Microsoft Azure data center. The app can be downloaded right from Microsoft's app store for free. The uncluttered user interface makes speed testing easy.

    When the Network Speed Test finishes a wifi speed test, it displays the measured network delay, download speed, and upload speed. We like that Network Speed Test explains what kind of activities you can expect your internet connection to support.


    3. Ookla Speedtest

    Ookla Speed test

    Ookla Speedtest is one of the more popular Internet speed tests on the net. This app is available as both an app for your smart device and your desktop.

    Just turn on the GO button and click on the go button, then you are on.

    4 Ways To Increase Internet Speed On Your PC (Windows )


    1. Restrict Background Data

    Restricting your system (PC) will not only boost your PC's internet speed. It will also reduce data consumption by closing all background apps.

    2. Scan for Virus 

    The next thing you need to do is make sure that no virus itself is causing you to slow down. Sometimes viruses can live on your computer and suck resources away from what you are doing, thus slowing down your speeds. you can download and install virus scanners such as Avast, Kaspersky, etc

    3. Change the Value of Limit Reservable Bandwidth to '0' (zero)

    Following steps to change the value of Limit reservable bandwidth to 0(zero):
    • Click window button+R.
    • Type gpedit.MSC in run box(This command may not work on Windows 8 and later versions).
    • Click the enter button.
    • The local group policy editor window is open.
    • Click on the computer configuration.
    • Click on administrative templates.
    • Click on the network.
    • Click on QoS Packet Scheduler.
    • Click on Limit reservable bandwidth.
    • Select Enabled on the left side of the window.
    • Change Bandwidth limit (%) to 0(zero). 
    • Click on ok. Close the window.

    4. Increase Internet Speed with Registry Editor.

    Steps to increase internet speed with registry editor:
    • Click window(button)+R.
    • Type Regedit and hit enter.
    • Expand the computer folder on the left side of the registry editor window.
    • Expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder.
    • Expand the SYSTEM folder.
    • Expand CurrentControlSet folder.
    • Expand the Services folder.
    • Expand the Tcpip folder.
    • Click on the ServiceProvider folder.
    • Set the below values on registry files on the right side of the registry editor window. Right-click on the hexadecimal value under the Data tab to edit the value. Select Modify, Enter the matter in a Value Data field. Select OK.
    • Click on DnsPriority and type 7 in value data and click OK.
    • Click on HostsPriority and type 6 in value data and click OK.
    • Click on LocalPriority and type 5 in value data and click OK.
    • Click on NetbtPriority and type 8 in value data and click OK.

    Final Thought 

    If not all, one of these methods should be able to work and increase your internet speed.

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