Gb WhatsApp Shutdown Finally Check for Best Alternatives

As we all know, Gbwhatsapp has shutdown finally without any specific reason. The modder posted on his twitter handles given us all the sad news without one particular purpose why our preferred WhatsApp mod should shut down abruptly.

Those that are unable to believe that GBwhatsapp has shutdown were surprised when they couldn't get any latest version when version 7.35 expired. I have already asserted it in my previous posts, but some people couldn't believe it until it finally happens.

    Apart from Gbwhatsapp, there are different Whatsapp mods, which can also be used as an alternative to GBwahatsapp and also serve other purposes.

    All this alternative also allows you to save WhatsApp status, customize WhatsApp layouts, use different beautiful themes, etc.

    Listed below are GBwhatsApp alternatives. ↓

    Alternatives For GB WhatsApp 

    Here are few lists of WhatsApp modded version which have almost the same features as GB WhatsApp. They also have anti-ban features making it impossible for you to get banned.

    Whatsapp Plus (Anti-ban)

    Whatsapp plus app

    Whatsapp plus is an accessible modded version of  WhatsApp, which is also famous as GB WhatsApp a used by millions of users. This particular modded version of WhatsApp serves lots of purposes, which is also similar to Gb WhatsApp in terms of features and uniqueness.
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        • This modded WhatsApp version is also free like GB Whatsapp and also available on the play store.
    Version: Size: Moded By: Updated on: Available on:
    8.0 48MB GB Plus 19 September 2019 Playstore

    YO Whatsapp (Anti-ban)

    YO WhatsApp app

    YO WhatsApp has already been used by millions all over the world. But since the app didn't get any update, because of its bugs and crashes, a lot of people neglected the app. some either migrate to the original WhatsApp version or continue with other moded versions.

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        • The app was recently updated, .and so many bugs and crashes have been fixed. You can also check out particular whats app moded version.

    Version: Size: Moded By: Updated on: Available on:
    7.99 46MB Yousef Al-Basha 15 August 2019 Enttechub

    OG WhatsApp ( Anti-ban)

    OG WhatsApp app

    OG WhatsApp needs no introduction since it has been used by millions of people around the world. It is the universal popular messaging app that has over 400 million active users monthly.

    OG WhatsApp is also known as OGWA, a secure and reliable WhatsApp version. OG WhatsApp is modified by developers to bring exciting features along with the basic ones.

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        • It’s flexibility, clean interfaces and free service is what makes it stand apart from other apps.
    Version: Size: Moded By: Updated on: Available on:
    8.00 48.5MB GBPlus 19 September 2019 Enttechub

    These WhatsApp moded versions are the best alternative to GB Whatsapp alternative. You can download any of this version if you wish to continue to enjoy features of GB WhatsApp.