Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat 100% Working Methods (January) 2024


Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat, this new working method for Glo unlimited browsing

Glo unlimited free browsing cheat has been trending for some months now. Many people took advantage of this free browsing cheat and turned it into their source of income, even some bloggers claiming they provide free browsing solutions. Well, they might have another definition for that. Still, here I will seamlessly provide the working method of this Glo unlimited free browsing cheat.

Though this Glo free browsing cheat has been trending for months, I recently decided to make it available for readers due to the popular demand of those messaging me on telegram. The first method of this cheat is not working for all Glo network subscribers. Here I will provide a 100% working method in this post. So let fire on ☺

    How to Activate Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat (Working Method 1)


    Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat
    Glo unlimited free browsing
    The requirement for Glo Unlimited Free Browsing

    • Sim Cards: Two Glo Sim
    • Tariff Plan: Yakata
    • Airtime: N100
    • Activation Time: Instantly or within minutes

    Status: Outdated, Scroll Down For New Methods

    How to Activate Glo Unlimited Free Browsing 2024

    1. Migrate the first Sim to Yakata Note. Currently, there are two types of Yakata, Yakata and Glo Yakata. This browsing cheat only works with the old Yakata. Dial #100# to confirm your tariff plan. If you're not Yakata, migrate to Glo Bounce by dialing *170*4#, then Dial *230# or *310# to migrate to YAKATA.


    2. After successfully migrating to Yakata, dial #100# to confirm your migration.

    3. Now load the N100 recharge card on the first Sim. You will receive a confirmation message stating, "Recharge Successful. You will receive a bonus of 40MB of data soon". 
    4. After getting the 40MB data bonus, shear the data to the second Sim. Dial *127*01*Second number# to shear data on the Glo sim.


    5. You have successfully activated the unlimited data on the second Sim. You can now browse unlimitedly. Enjoy!!!

    Glo unlimited free browsing Validity

    This unlimited free browsing is valid for 7 days. The 40MB we use to activate this cheat is only valid for 7 days, so as unlimited browsing.

    Glo Yakata Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat On 24Clan Lite VPN (Method 2)

    Glo unlimited browsing cheat on 24Clan VPN Lite

    Here is another method to activate Glo unlimited free browsing cheat on the yakata tariff plan; this method requires VPN, so here we will put 24Clan Lite Vpn to practice. 


    24Clan Lite Vpn is a free SSL/HTTP/SSH TUNNEL VPN. This Vpn helps protect your privacy by encrypting and protecting your IP address. It also helps internet browsing with a high-speed ultimate gaming server and internet connection. This app provides users unlimited free VPN proxy premium service for free browsing on several networks.

    Status: Outdated, Scroll Down For New Methods


    • Android phone
    • A Glo 4G or 3G SIM
    • Glo New Yakata Tariff plan
    • 200 Naira Airtime
    • 24Clan Lite VPN app, which you can Download Here


    Glo Yakata Unlimited Browsing Cheat on 24Clan VPN Lite

    Glo Yakata Unlimited Browsing Cheat

    • Get a New GLO Sim. It should already be on the New Yakata Tariff Plan. You can confirm by dialing #100#.
    • Recharge your Glo sim with a minimum of N200. Then, wait to receive the Yakata data bonus from Glo.
    • Immediately you receive the yakata data bonus, launch 24Clan VPN Lite, and select your preferred server. Singapore or Netherlands works better.
    • Select NG|GLO Yakata Unlimited config in the config option.
    • Turn on your data connection, tap the CONNECT button, and enjoy Glo Yakata unlimited browsing cheat.

    Your 200MB data won’t be touched, even if it will be deducted, it won’t exceed 5MB but you will keep browsing unlimitedly.
    You can roll over this bonus by following this process repeatedly. Enjoy while it last ☺✌
    Status: Outdated, Scroll Down For New Methods

    New Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat 2024 (Old Method)

    This is another method to activate Glo unlimited free browsing cheat, and I guess this method should work till 2021. This new method is tricky and requires as much patience as possible. 
    This section will provide all the necessary information to activate this new Glo cheat. I urge you to seize this opportunity to enjoy this free cheat while it last. 



    • 2 Glo Sim. Old or New.
    • Glo Night plan.
    • Mobile phone with a good battery capacity

    How to Activate 

    This method is not a cheat, it's just a loophole that Glo has not discovered yet, but soon they will do. Below is how to activate this new free browsing trick. 
    • First of all, subscribe to the N100 Glo night plan.
    • Share the data to the second Sim, start using the data on the dual Sim and make sure it is exhausted before 5:00 Am. Remember to keep your data connection turned on. 
    • You can turn off your data before 5:00 Am, but make sure your data is turned on while the expiring time laps. After 5:00 Am, do not turn off your data for any reason.
    • You can browse unlimited after 5:00 am if you don't turn off your data. However, when you turn your data off, this free browsing will stop and cannot be activated unless you roll over this method.
    • Enjoy while it last !!!

    • You can use Glo unlimited data to browse, download, stream videos, and do anything reasonable data is capable of without any glitches as long as the Glo network is good in your area.
    Status: Outdated, Scroll Down For New Methods

    New Glo Free Browsing Cheat 2024 (New Method)

    2022 is another year to enjoy the latest Glo free browsing cheats. We share another method to activate free browsing on the Glo network as usual on this page. This method does not require any configuration whatsoever. However, this new method requires a popular EC Tunnel PRO VPN app. 

    Actually, this is a DNS tunneling cheat. This means the cheat will be slow, as with DNS tunneling methods. But it is pretty okay for everyday chatting and browsing if you have good Glo coverage in your location. Enough with the talk. Let's start activating Glo Free Browsing Cheat on EC Tunnel PRO VPN. 

    How to Activate GLO Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat For EC Tunnel PRO VPN

    As I have said earlier, this method doesn't require any complicated configuration. All you need to do is follow the steps below, and you are good to go. 
    1. Firstly, subscribe to the Glo night plan. Just dial *777# and subscribe for a 100naira 5 days night plan. This is very compulsory for this cheat to work.
    2. The next step is to set your APN to gloflat. Again, remember to leave the Proxy, Port, Username, and Password empty. Then, go back to the mobile network settings on your phone and enable Data Roaming. 
    3. Now, download and install EC Tunnel PRO VPN from Playstore HERE.
    4. After successful installation, open the VPN and disable Forward DNS in the VPN menu.
    5. Make sure you open the VPN with active internet so you can Update Tweaks
    6. After that, select DNS Server and Glo Unlimited DNS Tweak and Connect.
    7. It will connect within seconds.
    You will enjoy Glo free browsing cheat provided you follow the steps above correctly. 
    Status: Working Perfectly

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