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WA Tweaker Apk for android
WA Tweaker Apk

WA Tweaker Apk is a WhatsApp tool that aids customization and enabling of hidden features in WhatsApp. This app helps you to enable the newer features of WhatsApp before its initial release. All you have to do is open the app, choose the hidden features available, and restart WhatsApp.

WA Tweaker Apk's latest update comes with new, improved features and bug fixes. According to the developer Alessandro Paluzzi aka Alex193, this app makes it possible for users to unlock these hidden features that are not available or seen by users. 


WA Tweaker Apk allows you to enable WhatsApp features. You can also use this app to disable some unwanted WhatsApp features.

The developer regularly releases a newer update to level with that, published by WhatsApp itself. In addition, the developer continually checks for the latest hidden features available and updates the app. So you get a notification when the newer version of this app is released.

What's New in  WA Tweaker Apk Latest Version

  • Fixed the "Show video to GIF toggle" tweak
  • Re-enabled the "Background color" tweak
  • Added new color customizations
  • The Anti revoke tweak is now compatible also with WhatsApp 2.20.53+
  • Added Spanish translation
  • Added German translation
  • Added Turkish translation
  • Minor bug fixes


WA Tweaker Apk Features

  • New Hidden Feature 

The latest version of WA Tweaker Apk v1.5.4 comes with some new hidden features that you can enable on your WhatsApp app.

  • Download Whatsapp Status 

WA Tweaker allows you to download your contact WhatsApp status, be it. Images, videos, or GIFs.

  • Disable Whatsapp Call 

Sometimes WhatsApp calls might be annoying. This app allows you to disable Whatsapp calls.

  • Whatsapp Themes 

WaA Tweaker allows you to theme your Whatsapp interface to any desired themes.

  • Send Full Resolution Photos and Videos 

Whatsapp automatically reduces picture resolution while sent via message or uploaded to status. This makes pictures look blurry sometimes. You can disable this feature using WA Tweaker.

  • Disable Image Sent Limit 

By default, WhatsApp only allows users to send 30 pics at a time. You can disable these features using WA Tweaker Apk.

  • Xposed Framework 

Some users fan Exposed Framework, which helps in theming the Whatsapp UI. If you use a rooted device, you cant theme the WhatsApp interface. You need to make sure you have Xposed Framework on your phone to enjoy theming. There are many other features that you can enjoy with the help of WA Tweaker.

  • Group Admin Tools 

Group admin tools are the new features that help group admins disable and enable sending a message in their group. These features are still in the beta version, though.

  • Passcode Lock 

WA Tweaker allows user to passcode their chat and archive. So you don't have to worry. This app gets your back.

  • Disable 30sec Video Status Limit 

Enables a user to Post more than 30-second videos on their status. You can increase this limit directly from the app.


  • Android smartphone:  4.0.3 or newer
  • Root permissions
  • The Xposed Framework (only if you want to use privacy and customizations tweaks)
  • Latest WhatsApp BETA from the Google Play Store
  • Google Play Services
  • An internet connection

WA Tweaker Apk Basic Info

App Name: WA Tweaker
Version: v1.6.3
Android Requirement: Version 4.0+
App Size: 8.30 MB
Developer: Alex193a
Principal Task: Enable/Disable Features of WhatsApp

Where To Download WA Tweaker Apk Latest Version

You can download WA Tweaker Apk on PlayStore Or alternatively download WA Tweaker Apk v1.5.6

WA Tweaker Apk 8Mb

WA Tweaker v1.6.3 Changelogs 


  • "Hide read receipts" tweak is now compatible with WhatsApp 2.20.X+
  • Removed: "Hide Status read receipts" tweak. It is now included in "Hide read receipts."
  • Added: Option to customize the icon of the revoked message notification.
  • Added: Option to choose which channel should be sent the icon revoked message notification (Android 8+).
  • Portuguese (BR) translation available.
  • Fixed: Some issues with the inbuilt updater.
  • Added: search option for the hidden features list.
  • The "Show Anti revoke alert" tweak now uses a notification.
  • Re-enabled: "Revoke all messages" tweak.
  • Re-enabled: "Bypass group participants limit" tweak.
  • WA Tweaker is now compatible with WhatsApp 2.19.247+.
  • Added: 3 new customizations.
  • New color customizations.
  • Added notifications for new emoji packs.
  • Enable now: Add contacts view (new WhatsApp 2.18.354+ hidden feature).

With this WhatsApp tool on your android device, you don't need GB Whatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, Az Whatsapp, Whastapp Mix. Just download and install WA Tweaker Apk and enjoy seamless WhatsApp customization.

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