9mobile SocialPak Cheat Using Ultrasurf Vpn And KPN Tunnel Rev 2023


9mobile SocialPak Cheat

9mobile SocialPak Cheat has been blazing for some time now, and still on, we have tested this cheat with many methods that work perfectly. Here in this post, I will show you how to activate 9mobile SocialPak 2.5GB Cheat using Ultrasurf Vpn. This method is similar to the X VPN Settings For 9mobile 2.5GB Social Pak Cheat and doesn't require any config file or cheat codes. Moreover, it works with 9mobile social pack data, so you should take this advantage to turn your 9mobile socialpak data into regular data and browse seamlessly.

9mobile socialpak cheats work for both 9mobile new and old subscribers. All you have to do is subscribe to 9imobile 500MB for 350 social pack plan. You will get 500MB regular and 2GB hidden data which can only be powered with Ultrasurf VPN.


    • An Android Phone
    • 9mobile 3G or 4G Sim
    • Ultrasurf Vpn App, [Download Here]
    • 350 Naira for Subscription

    Ultrasurf Vpn Setting for  9mobile 2.5GB Social Pak Cheat

    1. First of all, download the Ultrasurf Vpn app for android.
    2. Subscribe to 9mobile 500Mb for 350 social pack plan by dialing *343*6*9#.
    3. Turn on your data connection, then lunch Ultrasurf Vpn App.
    4. Tap Connect. The Vpn will connect within a few seconds.
    tap connect
    6. After a successful connection, you can minimize the app. Now you can use the social plan to power all apps.


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      • ##check## Enttechub.com
        • This data plan is not unlimited as it is caped to 2.5GB. The moments the data plan expired, the cheat stopped as well.

    9mobile SocialPak Cheat Using KPN Tunnel Rev

    As I have said earlier, there are different ways to make 9mobile social pack power all apps on your android devices. Here is the KPN Tunnel method; this method does not require any type of complex config settings or file, unlike which requires you to create an SSH account and other advanced settings. 

    KPN Tunnel has been a significant source of free browsing for a long. It is free to use and works perfectly well for the older and newer version of android mobile phones.

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    • 9mobile Mobile SIM
    • Android Smartphone
    • 3G or 4G Network
    • KPN Tunnel Apk [Download Here]
    • 350 Naira for Subscription

    9mobile 2.5GB SocialPak Cheat Settings On KPN Tunnel Rev

    KPN Tunnel app

    The process is the same as the XVpn Settings we shared a while ago. Start by downloading the latest version of the KPN Tunnel Rev from above ⇧. Then install the app and subscribe to the 9mobile N350 SocialPak plan by dialing *200*3*3*2#. This plan is valid for 30 days, which is a monthly plan. Next, dial *228# for the 500MB balance, the 2GB is hidden. Finally, you can power it with KPN Tunnel Rev. 

    The next step is to download the 9mobile SocialPak 2GB and 500MB KPN files from HERE and HERE. The first file is for the 2GB 9mobile data, while the other is for the 500MB data. 

    How To Import Config  File On KPN Tunnel Rev


    Download and search for the KPN files and click on import. After that, click on the vertical line option ➦ , tick the SSH Tunnel option, go back, and click on start. It will take a few seconds to connect, then enjoy the latest 9mobile 2.5GB SocialPak free browsing cheat using KPN Tunnel Rev while it lasts.

    Things to Note

    • This cheat is not unlimited as it is capped to 2.5GB
    • The subscription on valid for 30 Days
    • You can do multiple subscriptions
    • Select One-off while purchasing this data plan so that it won't automatically rollover
    • Dial *228# for the 500Mb balance. The 2GB is hidden data that we can only use via a VPN.
    • Keep checking this post for the current method to activate the 9mobile social pack cheat.
    Status: Out-dated
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