Download CrossFire Legend Mod Apk Latest Version For Android

If you are in search of where to Download CrossFire Legend Mod Apk For Android, this article could be helpful. We are going to briefly review the features, gameplay, as well as provide a free reliable working download link for Crossfire Legend Mod Apk file, Let fire on.

Crossfire is an on FPS (First Person shooter,) game for android in where you head on a critical mission to fight against modern terrorists and attain a potentiality to be the national hero. The rival factions fight for influence and power in a remorseless and never-ending war. 

CrossFire Legend Mod Apk
The gameplay is filled with unparalleled excitement as it comes with different modes, an incredible ammunition set, and other interesting game features any FPS game lovers would care for. CrossFire Legend Mod Apk offers a different type of mode, each mode requires a different approach as it comes with new difficulties. Different types of advanced destructive weapons will be in your possession to destroy your enemies in every mission, this will absolutely make you play soft and scale through any kind of opponents like snipers, soldiers, and assault shooters.

    Crossfire Legend Apk proved not to be inferior to a predecessor version of CrossFire on PC with is 3D graphics, crossFire is quite traditional, with controls commonly seen in most FPS games. The game has servers in several countries, it also offers multiplayer where you can play with friends and other FPS gurus across the globe. You might also like Real Commando Secret Mission Mod APK


    • Unlimited Mission: with CrossFire Legend mod, fun is unlimited as there is always a fresh map to explore so its never empty. Each day comes with a new challenge and your character can engage in dally mission to earn rewards as may as possible. With this reward, the player purchases fresh ammunition and also equip their character to the least. 
    • Groups: if you enjoy playing Crossfire you can create your own clan with other members and on a joint mission with other Crossfire fans, the clan is subdivided into regional, national, and world-class. Creating a remarkable professional team can win you the best prize in the game and build a reputation for your group to become a dangerous crew in any encounter.
    • Game Mode: Propper game mode is what makes crossfire legend stand out from its competitors. these modes include mutation mode, Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy, Wave Mode, Free for All, etc. in addition to this modality we have a solo, campaign, multiplayer, and others. All you have to do is to find any modes that interest you and keep the fun unparalleled ✌.
    • in Crossfire you can choose a multiple select any characters of your choice including military force or other special force in the game. These characters include:
      • SWAT: An American tactical force formed in 1960 out of an alliance between the Los Angelise police and the FBI. it is well known for its international reputation for its successful anti-crime actions;
      • Vipers: its the game first VIP characters, gorgeous combatants but deadly. With special abilities, such as violent kicks, knife throws, and refined agility, Vipers make a difference on the battlefield.
      • SAS: Special Air Service, The group is highly respected among the country’s Armed Forces and famous for the uncompromising process of selection and training of its members;
      • OMOH: is a special force troop of the Russian Police, established in 1987 to combat terrorism and violent crimes in the country. Its members are known as “Black Berets” and “Mafia Killers”
    • Series of ammunition are also packed in the game arsenal it includes AK47, MP5, M4 rifles, Shotgun, Sniper rifles. 

    Features Of CrossFire Legend Mod Apk

    • Unlimited Ammunition;
    • Auto Aim;
    • More VIP Features enabled;

    Gameplay Screenshot

    CrossFire Legend Mod Apk screenshot

    CrossFire Legend Mod Apk screenshot

    CrossFire Legend Mod Apk screenshot

    CrossFire Legend Mod Apk screenshot

    Game Information

    Game NameCrossFire Legend
    Game DeveloperNinetytwo Gamer
    Game Version1.0.31.31
    File Size524MB
    Game TypeMod
    Last UpdatedRecently
    Android Requirement4.4+

    Download CrossFire Legend Mod Apk Latest version 2020

    Here, we have provided the updated version of CrossFire Mod Apk, this version comes with all premium features enabled. Download the Apk file below;

    Mod CrossFire Legend Mod Apk Download

    How to Install CrossFire Legend Mod Apk On Android

    • If you previously installed this game on your Android device, please uninstall it.
    • Click the link above to download the game’s APK file.
    • Open your file manager to locate the APK file you downloaded, open it as usual.
    • Immediately you are taken to the Install page, tap “Install” to start.
    • That’s it. You have successfully installed  CrossFire Legend Mod Apk, now open the game and enjoy it!