How to Create a Logo from Your Phone for Free 2022


Do you want to learn the tricks of creating logos from your phone cost-free? If your response is "yes," you look over the perfect post! We know that a logo is the first thing people know about your business and is the only element that clearly expresses your company's concepts. 

How to Create a Logo from Your Phone for Free

    The meaningful part is that when a logo is designed well, it can grab more attention, build a unique identity, and set an excellent brand image in front of your audience. So many people want to create logos on their phones. If you are also from that one, then geared up because we are getting into the methods and top picks!

    How Can I Create a Logo from My Phone?

    There's no rocket science in creating a free logo on your mobile, and you are not required to be an expert for this purpose. All you need to do is follow the following easy steps: -
    • Step# 1:  Open your mobile's app store and search for a logo maker app, for example, Logo Maker Free.
    • Step# 2: Open up and enter your company name.
    • Step# 3: Choose elements like icons, themes, font style, backgrounds, overlays, stickers, categories, etc.
    • Step# 4: Customize according to your choice.
    • Step# 5: Select a format and click on the Save button. That's it!


    In a matter of a minute, your ready logo will be saved in your phone's collection. So, what do you think is a tough job? Well, designing on the phone isn't tricky but selecting one reliable App from hundreds is a hard called duty. Worry not! Just take a look below.

    Best Logo Maker Android Apps 2020

    Read on to understand the benefits and workings of the apps: -

    1. Logo Maker – Free Graphic Design and Logo Templates

    Logo Maker – Free Graphic Design and Logo Templates

    Whether you require a logo for your blog, website, brand, YouTube channel, or social media accounts, or need a brand logo, this logo maker android app will prove best for you. It is a free, fast, secure, updated, smooth, and reliable App known as the best free logo maker app. This logo design app can be operated easily on any device. This graphics design app offers 1000+ full-featured editing techniques that fulfill every requirement of users. It has numerous categories, including, Fashion, Lifestyle, Business, Health, E-sports, Beauty, Food, Travel, casual, formal, colorful, and much more. Also, this logo maker app has impressive features, including icons, templates, backgrounds, themes, font styles, overlays, and cropping options.


    • Beginner-friendly.
    • Fast; and smooth to operate.
    • No hidden charges, no additional procedures, and ads.
    • Contains high-level editing techniques.
    • Supports various formats.
    • Suggests ideas while designing.
    • Always add new things from time to time.


    2. Logo Maker Plus

    Here comes another best and most trusted App on our list! Logo Maker Plus is an excellent and popular place that enables tons of editing features and ready-made logo collections. It makes logos and can generate social media posts, banners, thumbnails, monograms, business cards, and much more. This App uses mind-blowing technology that insists on a user to create more than one logo at a time. Well, it can also be operated easily on mobile phones and PC. So, there's no need to spend extra time, money, effort, and skills. All you ought to do is download it from the app store, enter your business name, and choose a category. Then, this unique App will do the rest of the task. Moreover, if you are new to Logo Makers, this App's ready-made collection can also help you. So, open up and customize!


    • Allows an extensive collection of ready-made logos
    • It can be operated handily on various devices.
    • Absolutely free of cost.
    • It can fulfill your every logo need.
    • Suggests ideas.
    • No buffering, no ads, no charges, no long-term methods.

    3. Design Evo

    It is a magical place that will steal your heart in its first use! Design Evo is another best and cost-free logo creator that will make your work fast and furious. Whether you need to create a cool logo for your website, social media, email signature, company wall, letterhead, stationery, business card, or T-shirt. DesignEvo is an all-rounder that will enhance your inner creativity. It satisfies everyone from beginners to professionals.
    Moreover, it has smart multi-language and multi-thread technology, making the designing method quite effortless and quick. There is no need to be an expert in creating fancy logos. Just download and operate at your finger clicks!


    • Extra speedy and smooth.
    • Doesn't compromise on quality.
    • Different formats available
    • Different types of editing tools are available.
    • Offers a complete package of control and customization.
    • Almost every category is available.
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    4. Iris Logo Maker

    Iris Studios is a useful decent logo generator. It features the same stuff you see in all logo makers on this list, including various shapes, colors, backgrounds, textures, stickers, and other graphical elements. Just find the combination you want, and this App does the rest. You can add text and change the font (along with color) as necessary. Most of the stickers and icons are categorized into 25 different categories. It's easy to use for simple stuff, but it gets expensive quickly if you want the premium version.

    5. Desygner

    Another tool you can use to create beautiful graphic designs like a Pro is Desygner. The website offers over 150+ million free stock images you can use in your project. Furthermore, the website gives users access to easy-to-use editing tools such as Background Remover, PDF Editor, and Animation.


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    The Final Thoughts

    If you want an eye-catching logo cost-free, instantly, and without effort, you have to understand that logo design apps are a great way to fulfill your requirements.
    This post lists the top 3 best Apps that will prove perfect for you. So, turn your phones on, dear readers! Pick your favorite place from the above list and start creating today! Best of luck!