What is the CPS Test (Clicks Per Second Test) and How to Boost it


CPS Test (Clicks Per Second Test)

    What is the CPS test? 

    CPS Test is Clicks per Second Test, which is committed to counting how rapidly your finger taps on your mouse. You are needed to try to click as rapidly as you can before times up. CPS Tester will assist you in testing your click speed & accuracy as a Clicks second counter. It’s an easy and smooth way to challenge and also a method to feel relaxed while doing some office tasks and other chores. Also, students can use this tool to spend their time fruitfully.

    You can funnily enjoy this test. So, why are you waiting for me? Try the CPS test and find your click speed and accuracy in a controlled environment. To become faster at gaming, you need to click 5 to 10 CPS to be a pro-level gamer. It comes along with different time variations from per send to 100-second test.

    How to Boost Your Click Speed?

    You can upgrade your gaming ability by taking a click speed test. With the help of the click per the second test, you can train yourself in a more versatile way. Here you will get different time variations which will also help you. This tool is designed to determine your clicking abilities. It is more than a practice platform where you are permitted to practice your gaming capabilities; Different time variations are featured to assist you in becoming a pro at gaming. It is a user-friendly interface on all devices you have. We are sure that you will ultimately get your desired goals if you spend time on the CPS test.

    A spacebar test is also a superb tool with beautiful features for your spacebar challenge. You can train yourself on the spacebar counter to be a perfect player. By using this tool, you can determine your clicking skills. You can use this tool to upgrade your gaming adventure as well. 

    Few Tips to Increase Your CPS Speed

    • You should use a gaming mouse instead of the regular mouse 
    • Use several clicking techniques 
    • You have to change your mouse setting by adjusting the mouse’s sensitivity 
    • Play shooting games for more practice 
    • Your ability depends on your practice duration 

    Clicking Methods For Better Experience

    You can use these different clicking techniques to upgrade your gaming experience. All the methods have some specialty you would like to use.

    Regular clicking: 

    It is the standard method to click the mouse, most commonly used by most players. It is a superb option for those players who play games for time-pass purposes instead of competing with anyone. It is the easiest and most comfortable clicking method that does not require much proficiency. Players can score an average of 4-6 clicks per second by utilizing this technique. However, it has the main disadvantage: players cannot get desired scores in clicks per the second test by using regular clicking. 

    Butterfly clicking: 

    In this rapid technique, players are committed to using fast movements of their fingers. Also, players have used their two fingers and strike the mouse alternatively to get maximum points over a short period. Players can quickly get 20-25 CPS scores by using the butterfly clicking through this clicking method. The player has more control over its tapping. 

    Drag clicking:

    By using the method of drag, clicking players can do hundreds of clicks in an individual drag. But you can’t be able to use this method for Minecraft PvP combats. Instead, a gamer should use a sticky finger mouse for dragging to register hundreds of taps. This technique is a fantastic choice for those players who want to get the highest scores & desired goals in gaming adventure. 

    Jitter clicking: 

    It is the most complicated & difficult method that is not easy to learn. If you want to become a pro at jitter-clicking, you require a lot of practice. The formula for practicing also fits here. The more you practice, the more you train yourself for jitter-clicking.



    Using the above method could significantly improve your CPS Test (Clicks Per Second Test). Also, using a CPS test website is another way to give your Click Speed Test a boost.