7 Best Free Football Streaming Apps for Android


True football fans are ready to watch it day and night and at any convenient opportunity. Do you want to root for your favorite football team in World Cup games, Champions League games, or live home championships? Today, we will select the best free football streaming apps for Android.

Best Free Football Streaming Apps for Android

7 Best Free Football Streaming Apps for Android

  1. 365Scores – Football and Live Scores
  2. LaLiga Sports TV – Live HD Football Videos
  3. CBS Sports App – Scores, News, Stats & Watch Live
  4. SuperSport
  5. Livestream – Live Stream
  6. FotMob – Football Results 
  7. CBS Sports App – Scores, News, Stats & Watch Live
Below are brief reviews of these Free Football Streaming Apps

1. 365Scores – Football and Live Scores

365Scores is a London startup app. A significant advantage is that the app is available for three mobile operating systems: Android, iOS, and Windows Phone (10 Mobile).

The app aggregates events across 10 sports: from football and hockey to rugby and volleyball. The number of leagues available does not raise questions: the international and local competitions worldwide are represented.

The sports stats section looks good. Each sport is placed on its own screen – no fuss. Interesting championships can be placed on the list. You can enable the display of current events and sort by time. The service keeps the archive for several months and adds upcoming events as dates are established.

The departure page looks more than worthy! An impressive amount of information was provided. The teams, the status of the LIVE mode rankings, the stats from previous meetings, the stats of matches, in addition to video headers, and the aggregation of event-related tweets. The text translation is displayed – the position of the ball is indicated. Don't forget the notification – you can add exciting matches to your favorites.

At each level, detailed information and statistics are shown. News, transfer information, videos, and tweets are displayed for popular teams.

It's worth noting that many elements of the app can adjust. For example – the news. Sources include official teams and championship websites, as well as big news. The app allows you to customize the section for yourself. You can taste a nice trick – light and dark theme design.

Download 365Scores

2. LaLiga Sports TV – Live HD Football Videos

La Liga TV – this application will help you be constantly informed about all events in Spanish football.

The app allows you to watch Premier League matches and video reports of the Spanish league's biggest league matches and provides a ranking of the day's best goals and information on team updates.

The application's interface allows you to quickly access either of the two leagues and their daily results. Also, you can choose your favorite teams to receive all the information and news about them.
Choose your favorite Spanish league team and receive notifications about matches, goals, and a full schedule of games from that team. You can choose which alerts you want to receive on your Android device, from scored goals to the latest rankings. Also, you can add videos and shows to your favorites to view them anytime.

If you constantly follow Spanish football events, this app is ideal. It allows you to watch video reports of major league events and watch Premier League matches online. Furthermore, this application will not let you miss a single event in Spanish football.

Download La Liga TV App

3. CBS Sports App – Scores, News, Stats & Watch Live

SBS Interactive introduced an excellent mobile app called CBS Sports. Immerse yourself in sports, including the most critical events in MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, SEC, MLS, and MLB. With this application, users can get acquainted with updated real-time player statistics and game scores. In addition, you will have access to streaming video, news, and other valuable things for the fan.

App users will find like-minded people, hold private conferences, and communicate with fans of opposing teams using the bulletin board.

4. SuperSport

If you are a sports fan, you must download the SuperSport app for your gadget. Here you will find everything required for all fans.

A convenient and modern application with excellent design will inform you about all significant events in football, cricket, rugby, tennis, etc. You can watch your favorite football on video streaming and find out the latest match results.

In the appendix, you will find the game schedule, tables, top scorers, leaderboards, the latest news, and real-time notifications of events during a match, race, or tournament. In addition, you can set a reminder for a particular game for convenience so you don't miss it.

Download SuperSport

5. Livestream – Live Stream

An online video platform lets you watch streaming videos of various events, stream your own videos and watch videos from friends.

The app allows you to watch over 75,000 monthly live events and 65 TV channels where you can get acquainted with famous artists, musicians, and athletes and watch your favorite football streaming videos!

The app allows you to share and comment on events with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and email. You will also receive notifications about creating events of interest to you.

The perfect app for sports fans, people who would like to watch their favorite teams' events live, and users who want to create their own channel.

Download Livestream App

6. FotMob – Football Results 

Every football fan should have an app so helpful to keep them updated. So make sure you download FotMob – Live Football Scores on Android. This app has gained over 10 million downloads on google play with thousands of positive reviews from users.

Especially for fans of football competitions, in the app, more than a hundred professional championships in Europe and other continents are collected. Users can easily see the results and what is happening in the matches in real time. With this, you can always stay updated with what's happening in the football world.

Try downloading FotMob – Live Football Scores for Android and get many cool features on this app, created by experts. For example, if you don't want to miss a single event in the world of football, you can put certain games of your favorite teams in your favorites, and once they start, you'll receive alerts on your mobile device in real time. This way, you will always know when your team scored or received a red card. In addition, this application is convenient for those involved in betting because you can go about your business and, at the same time, get notifications about what's going on in the game.

At any time, the user will view the statistics of all matches in various football leagues. In addition, you receive information about the game's team composition, goals, penalties, and substitutions. Finally, check your favorite league's status and ranking changes and follow the schedule. This app typically contains all things a sports fan needs. 

Download FotMob App


This application provides access to sports information from the most significant sports leagues in the world.

You can customize the app to display news and results only from your favorite teams and tournament tables of interest to you. In addition, the app sends notifications of match results and the latest news in real-time, allowing you to watch videos, including the most critical games from MLB, NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball, etc.

Download ESPN App

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