8 Sudoku Tips That Will Help You Win - Tips For Sudoku Players


Do you think your work pressure keeps your mind too busy to think of anything else? Don't forget, you have a life outside your desktop and laptop, and you have to remain updated, which makes it essential for your brain to be active! Remember how crossword puzzles helped you to build your vocab. And yes, Sudoku? How it tested your presence of mind.

    Today, you might hesitate to contact the newspaper delivery man because of the fear of contracting the deadly virus. Hence, there is no way of enjoying those logic crossword or number puzzles. However, in times of pandemic and lockdown, online gaming platforms have numerous options to enjoy, no matter what age group the gamers belong to. One of the most widely played games in recent times is Sudoku, which refreshes players and activates their stuck minds.

    Sudoku Basics

    If you have never played Sudoku, you should first learn the game's basic rules. You will get a grid of 9 x 9 squares which you need to fill with numbers 1 to 9. Note that you cannot repeat the numbers in the rows and columns. The placement of numbers might sound like an effortless thing to do. However, when you begin your game, you will understand how difficult it could be to choose the correct number for the right box. Given the craze among people to play Sudoku online or offline, many websites have started sharing tips to help players learn, play, and solve puzzles as quickly as possible. Recently, Apple Magazine shared the primary guide for players interested in starting their Sudoku journey.

    Use pencil marking

    You can find printouts of these puzzles online. Take them handy and use pencil marking. Based on the numbers already present in a row or column, you can easily find those likely to be there in the missing spaces. Then, use a pencil to write those numbers on the boxes to sort the right digits for the correct squares.

    Scan the numbers

    When playing online, you might not have the pencil to go about it. Well, brain scanning will help. First, keep your mind active and scan the numbers present and those missing. After that, remember the digits you think would be there in the missing spaces of the grids. This way, shortlisting numbers and finding the one that is best suited would be easier.

    Keep off distractions.

    Above everything else, avoid sitting in a noisy place while solving the puzzle. Make sure that nobody disturbs you while you are involved in Sudoku. Avoid distractions and be focused. This will help you remember the numbers you have shortlisted for each row or column. The essential point is that there should be no repetition of the numbers 1-9 in any row or column. One number is to be used only once for a row or column. To start playing sudoku puzzles on MPL, click here.

    8 Sudoku Tips To Help You Win

    Naked Singles

    As the name suggests, the only number is a clear contender of the space in a row or column known as a naked single. These singles will have no alternatives to make you think twice about placing them there or waiting for more clarity. Things are apparent as soon as you scan the numbers. 

    Hidden Singles

    The singles signify that one number remains hidden behind the unnecessary alternatives, which trap the players. If you use pencil marking or scan those numbers, you will clearly understand which options you should choose for the place.

    Naked Pairs

    This is the tip you can use while marking the numbers for each space. For example, you might come across a naked pair in the same row, column, or region. It makes selecting the correct digit easy as the two boxes of the same row or column will have either of the two numbers placed in those boxes. 

    Hidden Pairs

    While the naked pairs are clear candidates, the hidden teams are similar but hidden by other alternatives, only to confuse the players.

    Naked Triples

    The three precise numbers for the empty boxes in a particular row or column are naked triples. For the players, it is easy to identify one for each missing space based on where those numbers perfectly fit. Thus, even if you can find the two placements for two missing slots, you can locate the third one automatically.

    Hidden Triples

    If you have selected the 'difficult' level of Sudoku to solve, you will likely get the hidden triples. Thus, knowing the tips to solve such puzzles is a must. In the concept of the naked triple, you will have three precise numbers to choose from for the three empty spaces in the region or grids. Those three clear options are hidden behind other additional candidates in hidden triples to make a choice difficult for players.

    Naked Quads

    Here, you will have four precise numbers for the four missing spaces of the grids or regions. Making a choice is not difficult as you know, there is no fifth option available.

    Hidden Quads

    The quads, in this case, remain hidden behind many other numbers that might make you consider them for placement, though they are just there to trap you.

    The tips above will help you choose the correct numbers for their places in the grids. You can also keep a tab of the time taken to solve the puzzle by switching to the timer. This technique will help you better yourself and improve your Sudoku skills.