5 Best Free Inventory Management Software for 2022


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A dynamic structure can only offer its customers products in its database. Only through this can we hope to appear reliable and keep them for life. So it is good to put items available online for your customers. This is why it is good to have reasonably advanced and straightforward stock management software to allow pragmatic and straightforward updating of the catalog. It is in the way of having an automatic eye on the articles, the different transactions of his store, his shop, and his company to not frustrate customers or disappoint suppliers.

Best Free Inventory Management Software for 2022


1. Chanel Advisor

Chanel Advisor helps you manage the different flows between selling and buying to better understand where your business is at. Like Seller Cloud, it is a dynamic electronic suite. All the work is done automatically according to the settings made. When a company or a supermarket wants to have a product noticed on the Internet, it suffices to mention it. Ordering is simplified, and the product is obtained as soon as possible. The effects of the company or the company turn into a loop on specific essential promotion sites. Everything you have is put in front of your potential customers to attract more of them to you.

2. GSM

GSM is one of the French leaders in inventory management software. Very adaptable, the software can be configured according to each customer and can optionally offer tailor-made options.

GSM has a free downloadable trial version for up to 40 references. Then, for 100€, you can benefit from a license valid for life with the possibility of filling in an infinite number of connections.


With GSM, you have the possibility of:

  • View your stock in real-time
  • Define thresholds to avoid stockouts or overstocking, with the possibility of automatically ordering from the supplier if the minimum point is reached
  • Edit and print barcodes
  • Manage your families and sub-families of products
  • Enter unit prices and total prices for buying and selling
  • Edit quotes and invoices

Thanks to our dedicated tools, we quickly and easily export your data from Excel to GSM.

Moreover, you can carry out inventories very quickly and thus save time. Barcode editing and printing allow you complete autonomy in inventory management and precise product tracking.

3. Correct

Correct gives you the exact data you need. All you have to do is upload the current state of your stock and center them on your reorder points. The software follows the progress of your stock and is responsible for checking what can be ordered at what time in which order point to be successful as soon as possible. For this reason, the process from ordering to reception, including the sale of the products which led to the order, is followed carefully and scrupulously. All your cash flow and mistakes made with mistakes to be avoided are available on the dashboards. Conveniently, you can't go wrong with the action, and your business is always in good shape.

4. Lightstock


No need to worry about a complex and challenging application. LightStock is simple and, therefore, suitable for any individual or business. Thanks to this application, stock management is a reality. Even for credit sales, you have a reasonably reliable account book at your fingertips that tells you when your contracts are due and when it would be good to place an order. The work is accounted for by the whole company, and the profitability is calculated.

All your profits are known to you in advance, and you know how much you could progress if you rely on this application to manage your stock. In addition, the inventory of your stock is no longer a burden. Everything is online and is automatically updated as soon as a movement occurs.

5. Seller Cloud


It is possible with this application to kill two birds with one stone by taking more than classic stock management software. Seller Cloud offers you various functionalities. You can follow your stock, manage customer comments, have a planned list, get your inventory as soon as possible, and create a product catalog. Seller Cloud will let you know if possible that there will be a shortage of stock so that you can take appropriate action. As soon as the order is launched, you will receive a new notification and update your dashboard when new products arrive. So the customer is better informed, and so are you.

Summing Up

Online inventory management remains one option among many but more reliable and accurate statistics. Using it while keeping a diary with a few professional contacts in case you need to add data would be a good idea. You must recognize that you should not set aside a specialist's opinion in the field. The latter will offer you criteria for assessing your data for optimal use of all these inventory management or accounting software. You will then have a successful configuration. The more accurate these numbers, the better your experience with inventory management software.

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