6 Best Free Recruitment Software - Perfect For Small and Large Business

Recruitment is a large-scale operation for all businesses, whether small or large. Therefore, they must retain the best candidates to remain competitive in the market. Consequently, it is essential to emphasize the entire process to recruit under the best conditions. Therefore, this recruitment should not be treated as an administrative task but should be taken seriously as financial management.

Best Free Recruitment Software For Small and Large Businesses

Therefore, finding the best talent that can allow the company to achieve its objectives requires a well-oiled organization. Consequently, it is essential to acquire the best recruitment solutions such as recruiting software to find the best elements that the company needs. In this article, discover our selection of the 6 best recruitment software that will be useful to you in your process. 

    6 Best Free Recruitment Software For Small and Large Businesses

    1. Zoho Recruit
    2. Recruitee
    3. Recruit CRM
    4. iSmartRecruit
    5. WebHR
    6. Hiretual

    Zoho Recruit

    Zoho Recruit is all-in-one recruiting software. This software is suitable for all recruiting firms and in-house recruiters in that it allows them to register and sort all applications. In addition, it offers a wide range of features to facilitate and streamline the entire recruitment process for recruiters and managers. This software assists the recruiter from the job opening request to the planning of interviews with candidates.

    Zoho Recruit allows you to carefully analyze all the profiles received to find the profiles that best match the positions to be filled. With its intuitive and straightforward interface, the recruiter will find the most suitable candidates for the different parts. Note that this software works in SaaS mode and can be used on any medium.

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    Recruitee is an excellent recruitment tool that is of great use to you in creating a career site, the management of job offers, the management of the work of collaborators and recruiters. It also allows a good analysis of HR performance. The company has HR software to analyze CVs and recruit a good workforce with this tool.

    In addition, Recruitee offers its users very advanced features to automate their recruitment process, assess different candidates' skills, and broadcast automatic announcements on many recruitment platforms.

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    Recruit CRM

    If you are looking for a better tool that can help you analyze different CVs of candidates, you have what you need with Recruit CRM. This software is ideal for recruiting agencies and managers to manage their daily activities. Recruit CRM is a recruiting software with CRM + ATS.

    It has the best features for managing applications, customers, and contact and is a great job posting tool. In addition, it should be noted that this recruitment software allows its users to send and receive emails directly from its interface. Furthermore, a CV analysis tool is integrated to analyze all CVs attached by emails.

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    This software is squarely a customizable Application Tracking Platform (ATS) that is fully designed to facilitate the recruitment process of companies looking for human resources. iSmartRecruit is a very secure and multilingual online recruiting tool. It comes with the best features like candidate search, CV analysis of different applicants, third-party access, SMS, Outlook add-ons, job promotion, emails, and reporting. Therefore, it is recruiting software that is well suited for recruiting agencies.

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    Need all-in-one recruiting software? WebHR is the best solution for you. Indeed, this recruitment software helps you throughout the recruitment process, from hiring to retirement. It is cloud-based and works well for all kinds of businesses, large and small. 

    In addition to allowing companies to find the best manpower, this software will save money, increase productivity, improve inter and intra-office communications, and gain in place in the market. It is a recruitment software with many features to disseminate job offers and analyze applications to retain the best profiles for the positions to be filled.

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    Hiretual is one of the tools most appreciated by recruiters because it allows them to go ten times faster in their recruiting process. This recruitment tool makes it possible to publish job offers on more than 30 platforms to find the best profiles out of more than 700 million available. Thanks to Hiretual's AI sourcing assistant, the manager or the recruiting firm is sure to find the right seeds that the company needs to achieve its objectives. Indeed, this AI sourcing assistant works by prioritization to allow the recruiter to directly contact the best candidates. With this software, the analysis of applicants' CVs is fast and very efficient.

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