6 Best Healthcare apps for patients (iOS and Android) 2023


Several sectors have changed since new technologies, including health care. Today we live in a connected world, and the medical field is not on the sidelines of this evolution. As a result, there is a marked increase in health awareness worldwide, primarily through mobile devices. If you are one of those curious people or a medical student seeking medical assistance, be aware that many applications will be helpful to you. Here is our list of the best Healthcare apps for iOS and Android on the market for you. 

Best Healthcare apps for patients (iOS and Android)

7 Best Healthcare apps for patients (iOS and Android) 

  1. Medscape
  2. PEPID
  3. GoodRx
  4. Doctor On Demand
  5. HealthTap
  6. UpToDate

1. Medscape - Healthcare apps for patients 

Medscape is one of the most comprehensive medical applications you will find on the market. This application is available for iPhone and Android. This application includes a wide range of information on drugs and the adverse effects of more than 7,000 drugs and nearly 8,000 monographs. In addition, the app will be of great benefit to students in that it gives them access to an extensive library of instructional videos on all medical procedures.

This application also has a reference tool on diseases to know precisely their symptoms, causes, and adequate treatments. With Medscape, the user also can follow all the news and advances of the medical world. Finally, remember that this application is entirely free but contains advertisements. However, you will first need to create an account to take advantage of it.

Download Medscape on For IOS and Android.


PEPID is a benchmark in the medical sector because it provides clinical decision support for medical personnel. It is used mainly by emergency physicians, nurses, rescuers, pharmacists, paramedics, and even students looking for accurate and verified information.

Available on App Store and Play Store, this application has very advanced features such as the Symptom Checker, nothing but a complete diagnostic tool. It allows the user to know the pathologies That correspond to various symptoms listed by the patient. Once all the checking is done, the application proposes the medicine and dosage to relieve the pain through its verification tool.

3. GoodRx

Are you looking for inexpensive drugs to treat a pain that is eating away at you? If so, this app is for you. Indeed, it is one of the best medical applications for Android and iOS that allow you to know the price of different drugs on the market. In addition, it has a price comparison that enables the user to find the right offers to buy the medicine he needs at the best cost. In simpler terms, it is an app that saves you quite a bit of money while dealing with the correct terms.

GoodRx is available for free on the Play Store and App Store and does not feature any advertising as you may see in other apps.

4. Doctor On Demand

Do you have some health concerns and don't want to see a doctor? Then, with your phone and Doctor On Demand, you can quickly consult your living room. Indeed, it is an application that allows you to share your state of health with a health professional online to obtain professional advice from him concerning a minor health problem. This application embeds many doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists who are always available to provide medical advice and assistance at highly competitive prices.

With Doctor On Demand, you can now see a doctor 24/7 for medical issues like skin and gambling problems, allergies, flu, depression, urinary tract infections, colds, etc., anxiety, or other mental health problems. It must be said that Doctor On Demand is a completely free application for iOS and Android, but making an appointment for a video consultation with a doctor is chargeable.

5. HealthTap

There are these health concerns that we sometimes encounter that do not necessarily require medical consultation. For these kinds of cases, you can use the HealthTap app. Indeed, this application allows users to access thousands of information, medical questions, and answers provided by the best-experienced doctors in the world. It can benefit anyone looking for information on this or other medical symptoms. 

HealthTap is an application that you can use on both iPhone and Android. Through the answers that you will find on this application, you will determine whether you can request a consultation with a medical professional or not.

6. UpToDate

UpToDate is among the best medical apps used on iOS and Android phones. It is one of the most popular applications for medical professionals. However, it can also serve as a source of information for individuals who expect to be aware of all the news in the medical world. UpToDate is a wealth of knowledge, documents, the latest medical discoveries, articles, and other videos on all medical procedures. Despite all these advantages, the application is accessible for free but requires a subscription to the application database to access all the available information.

Wrapping Up;

In summary, it should be noted that most of the medical apps for iOS and Android that we have presented to you in this article are all free. However, some of these health apps require a subscription to access more features. These are applications that you can use at any time to get information about diseases and adequate treatments.

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