Course Hero Downloader 2024 - How to Download Files For Free


Course Hero Downloader 2024: You are on the right page if you are looking for a way to download Course Hero files. You will get details on getting Course Hero files for free and unblur images, documents, and text on this page.

Course Hero Downloader 2022 - How to Download Files For Free

We depend on the internet for several purposes, one of which is learning. Students and tutors rely on the internet to source information and course materials for effective learning, especially during the pandemic when schools can only host online classes. In addition, students depend on platforms like Course Hero and Chegg to learn online effectively.


Furthermore, Course Hero is an online learning platform for students to access course-specific study resources. The platform allows students to access over 100 million course-specific study materials. However, Course Hero charges an annual fee of $83.40 or a monthly cost of $19.95 for users to gain full access to all content available. 

In addition, Course Hero's free services are limited. Instead, you have to buy a subscription to gain full access to the platform's resources. But on this page, you will learn how to download files for free with Course Hero Downloader and other methods.

    Best Methods to Download Course Hero Files Without Login

    Here we've stated some working methods anyone can use to download Course Hero files or documents for free without login. Below, we've discussed the best 2 ways to easily download the course hero document.

    • By Using Course Hero Downloader
    • Download Course Hero files using CHDL Chrome Extension


    1. By Using Course Hero Downloader 2024

    One of the best ways to get Course Hero Documents without login is by using Course Hero Downloader. The method is very effective but requires some steps. Below is the step-by-step guide:

    1. The first step is to copy the document's URL from Course Hero.
      • For example, go to and search for your preferred course to get the course URL.
      • Then, copy the URL in the browser address bar.
    2. Next, Open the Course Hero Downloader web tools page by visiting in your browser.
    3. Then, Paste the file URL in the column, then click Get Link.
    4. Lastly, follow the subsequent instructions on the Course Hero Downloader to download the course.

    2. Download Course Hero Files With CHDL Chrome Extension

    Also, you can use CHDL Chrome Extension to download Course Hero files for free. This is the best method to download files without logging into the Course Hero account. The steps are as follows:


    1. Firstly download the CHDL extension and extract the file.
      • You can download and use the extension for free on GitHub here
      • Simply extract the file after downloading.
    2. Now enable developer mode on the Chrome browser. 
      • To enable developer mode on Chrome, click on the menu (three-dot icon) at the top right corner.
      • Then select More tools, ⇨ click on Extensions, then activate Developer Mode by clicking the toggle at the upper right corner of the screen.
    3. On the extension screen, select the Load Unpacked option.
    4. When you click on the Load Unpacked option, you will be prompted to select the extension directory in file explorer. 

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    6. Then locate the CHDL-master folder and open it. Then select the folder named "Min." Wait a few moments until a notification appears with a statement that the CHDL extension has been successfully installed on your browser.
    7. After the CHDL extension installation is successful, you can now download files from Course Hero with it. First, visit the Course Hero website, then open your course page. Next, Right-click on the page, select the CHDL option, and click Download this file.

    Using the methods we've stated above, you can download Course Hero files without hassle. The Course Hero File Downloader and the CHDL Chrome Extension work perfectly in this case. You can also learn how to Unblur Chegg Answers.

    3. Upload Your Own Study Resources to Earn Free File Unlocks

    Upload Your Own Study Resources to Earn Free File Unlocks

    Yes, you can unlock files by uploading your document to Course Hero. However, you have to make sure the documents you are uploading are yours and it is not present anywhere on the internet.

    To unlock downloading by uploading documents without subscribing to the course hero paid plan, follow the steps below;

    1. Create a Course Hero account if you don't already have one.
    2. On your payment page, click on Upload Now right above "Choose Plan Section."
    3. On the next page, enter your school and select the documents you want to upload.
    4. You will earn five unlocks for every 10 resource you upload to Course Hero. Resources can be your study or lecture notes.

    You can upload as many documents as you want, with this method, you can have access to unlimited file download on Course Hero.

    In Conclusion

    Course Hero is one of the best platforms that provide educational materials and services. This post is about downloading the CourseHero files using Course Hero Downloader 2024 or CHDL. If you have any questions, kindly comment below.

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