How to Convert EXE to APK in 2024 (Working Methods)


There are many reasons why anyone will wish to convert desktop applications (EXE) to Android application packages (APK). However, this article is for you to convert EXE to APK but don't know how or search for the easiest methods.

How to Convert EXE to APK Easily

There are several methods you can use to convert EXE to apk. This article explains some simple techniques to convert EXE to APK in 2022. However, not all EXE files can be converted to apk. Therefore, you have to do due diligence before you go ahead to convert EXE to APK.


    Before explaining the methods, we need to know the difference between these file types.

    Different Between EXE and APK

    There are many differences between EXE and APK files. But in basic terms, EXE is a Windows file installation extension while APK is an Android file installation extension. Often, you will notice that desktop software has .exe at the end of the file name, and Android applications have .apk at the end of the file name. So basically, exe is to desktop software while apk is to Android applications.

    However, there are ways to convert EXE files to APK files for easy installation on Android devices. By converting EXE files to APK files, you will run Windows applications on the Android operating system. 

    Ways to Covert EXE Files to APK Files


    As we've mentioned earlier, there are several methods you can use to convert EXE to APK. Below, we've explained two ways you can achieve this. 

    EXE to APK converter on Android

    EXE to APK Converter is an Android application that helps to convert a desktop application to an Android application. The application is handy for app and game developers. However, the app does not fully convert Exe files on Android. But it extracts your exe files.

    Follow the steps below to use the EXE to APK converter;

    1. Download EXE to APK converter file and install it on your Android devices.
    2. Lunch the application.
    3. The app will automatically search for exe files on your Android smartphone.
    4. Now, select the EXE file you want to convert to APK.
    5. Next, select the program architecture. Choose whether the software is x64 (64-bit) or x86 (32-bit).
    6. After that, the app will ask if you are ready to compile, then click on Start. After that, the app will successfully extract the files on your Android.

    Pros and Cons of the EXE to APK Converter Android App

    Many Ads

    The app is filled with intrusive advertisements, and it can be annoying sometimes. However, you can simply turn off your internet connection while using the app to avoid loading the Ads.


    Compiling Problem

    Sometimes, the application takes time to compile. That is the major problem of the app, and it is yet to be solved by the developer. So be conscious of this while using it.

    EXE to APK Converter on PC

    Also, you can convert the exe file to apk file using PC software. The software is safe and easy to use. Follow the steps below to understand how to use the EXE to APK Conversion Tool on a PC.

    1. First, download EXE to the APK Conversion Tool and extract the file.

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    3. Open the tool and select the I have Portable Application option upon extracting the file.
    4. Now, select the folder where the exe file you want to convert to apk.
    5. Select the EXE application, then click convert.
    6. The conversion will take a few seconds. After that, you can simply install the APK file on your Android devices when done. 

    The above method doesn't have any known downside. However, the software is subject to change.

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    Overall, not all exe files can be converted to APK. Therefore, there is a 50% chance that most of these files won't work efficiently. However, we believe the methods mentioned above have helped you understand how to convert EXE to APK easily.