GB Whatsapp Pro Apk v17.55 (NOV 2023) Download Latest Update


GBWhatsapp Pro Apk (GBWA Pro) is a wildly known WhatsApp mod and one of the best alternatives to the official WhatsApp app. Most Android users prefer to use GB Whatsapp Pro because it adds more fun to their chatting experience. You will access the link to download GB Whatsapp Pro Apk without issues.

GBWhatsapp Pro Apk Latest Version


    GBWhatsapp Pro adds more to users' experience fun thanks to introducing new capabilities not present in the official WhatsApp version. Capabilities include hiding your WhatsApp activities, viewing deleted messages and statuses, hiding others from viewing your status, the ability to customize your WhatsApp interface, etc.

    GB Whatsapp Pro, some people call it, but many people believe that GBWhatsapp is the premium version of the official WhatsApp version. However, this is wrong in many ways. The app is stand-alone and is not affiliated with the original Whatsapp. Most of this speculation is made because Gbwhatsapp offers extensive features that make chatting fun. So, without hesitation, let's dive into some of the features of GB Whatsapp Pro.

    Top Features of GbWhatsapp Pro Apk


    Whatsapp is an easy-to-use communication application to help people communicate easily with each other over Wi-Fi and data connection. It has a simple layout and easy-to-use chat function, making it the best choice for communicating with friends and families at home and abroad. However, WhatsApp has several limited features, mainly because it is free. But that's what GBWhatsapp is here to fix. Below are the top features of GBWhatsapp Pro, making it the best Whatsapp alternative. 


    Improved Privacy Options

    GbWhatsapp Pro can be considered a better version of Whatsapp, but most people are yet to admit it. The app enhances privacy by allowing users to control what people see about them. On this app, you can hide read ticks, delivered ticks, read receipts, and last seen for specific contacts. Also, you can view peoples' statuses without them knowing, view deleted messages and statures, etc.

    Auto Reply Function to Send Messages Easily

    This is an excellent feature for people using WhatsApp for their businesses and those with busy schedules. The Auto Reply function allows you to set a specific keyword and response. Then, when your contacts send a message containing or equal the keyword you select, Gbwhatapp will automatically trigger the auto-reply function. With that, you don't need to replay the same message repeatedly.


    Furthermore, GBWhatsapp Pro allows users to customize their WhatsApp interface. There are several themes available in the app. You can use predesign themes or create your own themes. Also, you can change the app font style and size to give your Whatsapp a distinct look.

    Broadcast Text Messages to Large Groups

    The broadcast functions allow you to send messages to multiple contacts or groups simultaneously. This feature is helpful for marketing, messaging friends about upcoming events, or sending wishes during festive periods. However, you can only broadcast messages to 5 groups or contacts on regular WhatsApp. But GB Whatsapp Pro will enable you to broadcast messages to unlimited contacts without hassle.

    DND Disable Functionality


    DND, which stands for do not disturb, allows users to turn off data connection and notifications for a specific app. For example, using the GBWhatsapp DND features, you can turn off the internet connection for Whatsapp only - this means you can use the internet connection on other apps except for GBWhatasapp. With this, you can easily focus on another thing you want to do without being disturbed by Whatsapp messages or calls.

    Other Features Include: 

    • Create and customize themes that can be used by other GBWA users.
    • In addition, an audio file can be shared up to 100 MB at a time.
    • status Video limited to 7 minutes instead of 30 seconds
    • Enable password
    • Amazing tick styles
    • Cool launcher icons
    • Change notify-bar icon
    • Multi gif providers
    • Change video player
    • Status can be copied.
    • Send large files of videos, audio, images
    • Video files of up to 50 MB can be sent.
    • Hide online status, double tick
    • Hide seen Message, delivered message staus
    • Always online feature
    • Able to send more than 10 images
    • New and customized emojis for GB WhatsApp users
    • Backup feature.


    Video Of GBWhatsapp Pro Feature

    GB Whatsapp Pro Apk Latest Version

    GBWhatsapp Pro Apk Latest version is 17.55 The update comes with tons of new features. New fixes and features in this version are listed below;
    • Update the market version to
    • New user interface design in
    • Change between light and dark modes by default.
    • New style for the status in Gbwhatsapp pro; now it looks like an IG story.
    • Change the bottom bar style.
    • Fixed the issue in WhatsApp Pro when the contact picture was not shown in the group.

    Where to Download GBWhatsapp PRO Apk?

    Next time, if you are curious about where to get the latest version of the GB Whatsapp Pro, just navigate your browser and type Then, click on Apps, and you will see the newest version.

    Download GB WhatsApp Pro APK (SEPTEMBER 2023) Latest Version

    Here is the free download link for the latest GB Whatsapp Pro Apk. Simply click on the download button to download the APK file. 

    Gbwhatsapp Pro APK Information.

    App NameGBwhatsapp Pro
    App Size49MB
    Android Requirement4.0+
    Last UpdatedRecently


    GBWhatsapp Pro Apk 54Mb

    Note that many sites on the web disguise their malware as GBWhatsapp Apk. Please don't download GBWhatsapp from those sites for your own safety. Instead, consider downloading from our site or any other reliable source. Stay SAFE!

    How Can I Install GB Whatsapp Pro Apk on Android Phone?

    This might look strange, but some people still ask this type of question every now and then since GBWhatsapp user keeps increasing every sec. There is no difference between installing the old version and the newer version of GBWhatsApp on your Android phone. Below I will state how you can install any version of GBWhatsApp on your Android phone.

    • Use the above download button to download the latest version.
    • Now navigate where the apk file is saved; most browsers preserve downloaded files inside the "Download Folder."
    • Tap the downloaded GB WhatsApp Pro apk file, then click Install. For example, something might pop up telling you to enable "Unknown source," click "Yes," then navigate to your phone setting > select permission, then click on "Enable," Go back to the GBwhatsapp file and install it again. It will fit perfectly this time.
    • Go to your phone menu, click the GBWhatsApp icon, and set up your WhatsApp account.

    What's New?

    • Anti-ban
    • All bug fixes
    • Dark Mode Added
    • Added a New Dynamic Theme
    • Unlimited Pin 
    • Self-Destructive Message - The message will be deleted within a specific period.
    • New base updated
    • Added/customized new emojis
    • Attached, you can call participants in groups of mod
    • Added reply privately features when you select massage in groups
    • Fixed added-in stickers from the Google Play issue
    • Fixed crash when you search for themes
    • Bugs fixes
    • New and customized emojis are available.
    • Hide recording status is a new feature in this app.
    • You can connect it to WhatsApp Web.
    • You can Enable a password.
    • You can change the video player in GBWA.
    • Fresh seen tick styles.
    • Video status limits up to 7 minutes instead of 30 seconds. (Cool Feature)
    • Status can be downloaded in this app.
    • Many languages are available.
    • You can send large files of videos.
    • Many Themes are available in this MOD.

    GB Whatsapp Pro Older Version

    • v17.52
    • v17.45
    • v17.20
    • V17.10
    • V16.20
    • V15.00
    • V14.00
    • V13.50
    • V12.00

    GBWhatsapp For iPhone


    It is satisfying that GBWhatsapp is now available for IOS devices. iPhone users can now download the IOS version of this WhatsApp mod and install it to enjoy what Andriod users have benefited from. This section will provide the download link for the GBWhatsapp IOS version and install it.

    How to Install GBWhatsapp on iPhone

    • To install GBWhatsapp on your iPhone, you must download the IOS file. There is a button below to do that.
    • Locate where the IOS file is saved and click on it.
    • It will take a few seconds for it to install. After the installation, launch the app.
    • Log in with your WhatsApp number and verify it.
    • Now you can enjoy this excellent app on iPhone

    Advantages of Using Gbwhatsapp Apk

    • Dual Whatsapp Account: GBWhatsapp allows users to set up two WhatsApp accounts on one; you can directly use Gbwhatsaap with two phone numbers.
    • Auto-Reply Tools: GBwhatsaopp has an inbuilt auto-reply feature that allows users to set the desired keyword and its response; any time there is a message related to this keyword or exactly this keyword, this tool will automatically reply to them.
    • Hide Read Ticks: These features won't allow your contact to see whether you have read their status.
    • Download Whatsapp Status: This feature will enable you to download other contacts' Whatsapp statuses directly to your phone gallery.
    • Customize Whatsapp Layout: Gbwhatsapp allows you to customize your WhatsApp layout to your taste; you can use different themes built into the app or customize yours. You can even create your own themes and share them with friends.


    Whats is GBWhatsapp Apk?

    GBWhatsapp Apk is the unofficial version of Whatsapp that comes with extra features.

    Is GBWhatsapp Apk Safe to Use?

    Using GBWhatsapp on your smartphone is safe since it has no malware or spyware.

    Do I Need to Root My Phone?

    No, It does not require you to root your phone before using it. Just download and install Gbwhatsapp, and it will work perfectly.

    Will Whatsapp Ban My Account for Using Gbwhatsapp?

    Nope, this version of GB WhatsApp is Anti-Ban, so Whatsapp can't ban your account from using this app.


    GBWhatsapp Timeline 

    This excellent app has evolved to a much higher level. It is the app that lets you do more than just chat. With Gbwhatsapp Pro, you can perform exciting stuff while chatting with your loved ones. There are many additional and improved features in this latest version. So download and enjoy GbWhatsapp on your Android devices. 

    If you choose to download Gbwhatsapp and it is not working, you can use our website as an alternative.


    GB Whatsapp Pro app is the modified version of Whatsapp and has many features that are not available in the official version. Users of these mod versions are subjected to a ban, so use them with caution. You are advised not to use your primary number in this app. Bookmark this page for easy access anytime this app gets updated. Thank you for choosing our site.