How to Get Tinder Gold for Free in 2024 (Working Methods)


Tinder Gold is the premium version of the world's most popular dating app, Tinder. Tinder Gold offers exclusive features such as Passport, Rewind, Unlimited Likes, five Super Likes per day, one Boost per month, and more profile controls as a paid members-only service. So if you are looking for a soulmate, casual, short-time, or longtime relationship, you need to sign up for Tinder Gold. However, a subscription is required to use the app. But here, we've shared how to have Tinder Gold for Free.


    Some apps and websites claim to have free Tinder Gold features. Unfortunately, all these promises are fake. None really works. However, this article will teach you how to get Tinder Gold at a discount.

    How to Get Tinder Gold for Free in 2024

    Below are some methods you can use to get a free Tinder Gold subscription:

    Get a free trial

    Many websites and apps online claim there is a trick to get Tinder Gold for free, but the sure way to do so is by signing up for a free trial. Often, a free Tinder Gold trial is not always available. But be on the lookout for notifications in the app and emails from Tinder. 


    Tinder offers free trial codes for users to share with friends on different occasions. If you have friends who use Tinder Gold, ask them if they receive a free trial code so you can test Tinder Gold's features.

    Get someone to buy you a gift subscription

    Another way to get free Tinder Gold is by getting someone to buy you a gift subscription. Tinder charges subscription rates to the Play Store on Android and the App Store on iPhone/iPad. So if you can have someone buy you a Google Play or App Store gift card that's large enough to cover the cost of a Tinder Gold membership, you can apply the gift card code to your Google Play or App Store account and use it to pay for the membership.

    How can I get Tinder Gold for cheaper?


    Aside from hunting for a free Tinder Gold account or app, you can use these methods to get cheaper subscription costs.

    Sign up on the website instead of the mobile app

    I have noticed that the price of Tinder Gold is several dollars lower on the web than on the mobile app. So to get a lower price, you should sign up at on a computer rather than a mobile phone. 

    Look for a promo code.


    Tinder often offers promo codes and discounts on special occasions and holidays. The promo code gives discounts to Tinder Gold subscriptions. Search for "Tinder Gold" and "Promo Codes" on the web to see available promo codes and use them to get a cheaper subscription. Also, keep your eye on your email inbox for promotions.

    That is all about how you can get Tinder Gold for Free. The methods we've mentioned here will work for anyone regardless.

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