How to get Tivimate premium account for free in 2024


Tivimate premium account: The importance of IPTV services cannot be overemphasized. They make available live TV channels, TV series, and movies. In addition, IPTV uses an internet protocol network to stream TV broadcasts and movies.

Numerous devices, including the FireStick, Android TV Box, iPhone, Android phone, NVIDIA Shield, and Fire TV Cube, are compatible with these IPTV services.

However, not all IPTV services offer a specific app for streaming their programming. As a result, some people use IPTV players to accomplish their goals. TiviMate Player is undoubtedly one of the IPTV players to try out. 

TiviMate is an IPTV player that enables you to combine Stalker Portal, M3U links, and Xtream codes with third-party IPTV services. 


    You can't just download TiviMate and start watching TV shows or movies on a compatible device. Instead, one of the three integration techniques I outlined earlier and is supported by the IPTV service must be used.

    You can use TiviMate for free or subscribe to the premium version if you enjoy more features, which we will discuss later in this article.  

    What is TiviMate Premium Account?

    How to get Tivimate premium account for free in 2022

    The premium version of TiviMate has a lot in it. It includes features like EPG functionality, Xtream codes, log-in, Scheduled Recording, etc. The premium edition of TiviMate has a 5-day trial period. Premium costs $4.99 per year and supports up to 5 devices. The lifetime version is also an option and costs $19.99.

    To subscribe to the premium version of TiviMate, you must utilize the TiviMate Companion app from the Google Play Store.

    TiviMate can run on any Android operating system; this software can be installed. This applies to all Android devices and the Amazon Firestick and Fire TV. 

    Features of Premium TiviMate


    One of the best TV programming apps right now is TiviMate APK. Additionally, it has a wireless IPTV connected to an LCD through cables. Consequently, you can use this app as a mini-LCD. Running an IPTV crack requires a safe internet portal wifi connection, which is also essential. If you have an internet connection, you can watch live TV shows. 

    Below are some of the features of Premium TiviMate: 

    Exceptional User Interaction

    You already know how handy it is to watch movies and television series available online if you've ever utilized IPTV on your LCD TV. The graphical user interface, however, is also under the control of the application's creators. 

    You can now stream, pause, and restart any TV station or movie using the same user interface as the bigger TV screen. As a result, you can stream a huge selection of TV episodes, films, and other media conveniently and swiftly. In addition, the user-friendly interface of Tivimate Premium makes it simple to handle shows and movies. 

    Catch Up on Your Favorite TV shows


    TiviMate Cracked App makes navigation simpler despite having a small TV screen. In addition, you can now view any live stream available on the big TV on this smaller TV. 

    Additionally, this software is more fascinating and practical on your Android device. Furthermore, the Smooth Action Cam Slowmo app will give you an exceptional experience with a top-notch UI if you're looking for slow-motion effects software. 

    Anytime, Anywhere TV

    This TiviMate Pro MOD APK allows you to schedule your preferred television shows and films, which is why so many people are drawn to it. With the aid of this app, you can easily convert your phone or tablet into a TV set and choose any movie or TV show while also scheduling it. 

    How to get a Tivimate premium account in 2024


    You can get a Tivimate premium account by paying directly via Tivimate if you have a Google Play Store on your Android device or probably if you're not using an Android device like FireTv/Firestick. You might need to complete this process using a TiviMate Companion application, which is also free.

    How to install Tivimate on Firestick in 2024

    Follow the steps below to install Tivimate on Firestick;
    • Find the Downloader on the Firestick home screen and open it.
    • Click on the URL box, type the downloader code for Tivimate "549628" using the on-screen keyboard, and hit go/install.
    • The Downloader will then open the Tivimate App download page. Click on Install.
    • The Tivimate app will automatically install on your Firestick. When it is done installing, a new screen will come up where you can choose to open or click done.
    • Select open to launch the app immediately and start using it.
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    Live TV streaming is quick and simple with TiviMate Premium. This software is speedy because it doesn't require downloading additional files. In addition, this program makes it simple to view various shows and movies online. Before today, watching TV had never been so enjoyable.