How to Get Free IPTV Smarters pro premium Account in 2024


You can now carry your TV anywhere you go. Of course, I do not necessarily mean carrying your LED TV around. But with the help of an IPTV Smarters pro application, you can now watch Live TV on your mobile device, tablet, or PC. Additionally, it enables remote control of a television. Or, to put it another way, you can now watch your preferred networks when you're on the go.

How to Get Free IPTV Smarters pro premium Account

These things are possible thanks to advanced TVs like the LG Smart TV. With the advent of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), the idea of television has undergone a significant evolution. 


    Introduction to IPTV Smarters Pro

    The Smarters Player App is a fantastic media player that enables end-users to enjoy their content on their Android phones, Android TVs, FireSticks, and other Android devices, including Live TV, VOD, series, and local audio/video files that they have provided.

    IPTV Smarters is an application that was initially published based on Xtream Codes but has since added support for M3u links and local file lists. 

    Smarters Pro also allows you to watch the channels, movies, and TV Shows straight on your device without any wires or cords, as opposed to using television cables or outdated satellite signals. 

    Like Kodi, IPTV apps are empty containers that cannot broadcast content without user input. Adding channels, playlists, and other sources is your responsibility. They are completely lawful as a result.

    The apps typically don't allow you to stream Netflix, Hulu, or other direct material from third parties. Instead, an M3U file must be obtained and added to the IPTV app. This application can be used with Android, Macbook, iOS, Samsung & and LG Smart TVs ( WebOS, Tizen, Android).


    The fact that this app works with iOS and Android mobile devices is one of the key reasons it has become so well-liked. Thus, wherever you are, you can stream live television! 

    Features of IPTV Smarters Pro (Premium)

    A Product Known For Its Multiple Functions.

    The ability to configure parental controls for the programming, EPG support, Xtream code API, support for language changes, and even embedded subtitles for each program are all features of IPTV Smarters Pro. 

    Good Graphics And Easy To Use

    Along with the variety of possibilities it provides, IPTV Smarters Pro is distinguished by its simple interface, which places all the actions you may take on-screen and makes them accessible with a single click. Similar to that, it's a TV application for mobile devices that allows you to watch all the programs you want in the highest quality possible. However, in contrast to other programs, this one offers a wide variety of options, each with unique characteristics that let you customize the application to your needs.

    Other available features include:

    • Ability to change the buffer size for the VIDEO Player
    • Ability to open "List of episodes" on the Video Player 
    • Multi-Screens and Multi-Users

    How to get an IPTV Smarters Pro Premium Account in 2024


    The IPTV Smarters Pro premium subscription has many available channels and is well-optimized for lovers of movies and series. Their premium subscription costs a one-time payment of $18.95 monthly, $39.95 for 6 months, and $59.95 for a year. 

    For iOS users, You have to download the Application from the Apple store and buy premium from in-app purchases. For Android users, make sure you're using the latest version of the app before paying for the subscription.  

    IPTV Smarters pro promo codes


    Try a few discount codes to ensure you get the best value, as some can only be used on specific items or categories. For example, when using an IPTV Smarters coupon, customers save about 50%. The overall cost of the items in your shopping basket and the specific discount code you use will determine how much money you save. Visit the IPTV Smarters website to get 50% off promo codes. 

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    You now have a basic understanding of IPTV Smarters and its features. You can purchase IPTV Smarters without giving it a second thought if the features leave you feeling impressed. After that, you'll have the chance to keep watching IPTV material in the comfort of your own home.