How to Fix Live Net TV Not Working in 2024


Streaming movies just got better thanks to the advancement of applications such as Live Net TV. However, over time, users face some errors while using the App. So how exactly do you fix Live NetTV Not Working?

How to Fix Live Net TV Not Working

We know how disturbing it is when your Live NetTV App starts developing some issues, such as can’t log in, buffering issues, or even error fetching data. That’s why we have put together this guide for you. This article lists some common issues users face and how to fix Live NetTV Not Working. 


    Live NetTV is an entertainment app that provides users with Live channels, Movies, TV series, Live Sports, News, VOD, and many more programs. Apart from giving Live Content, Live NetTV also allows users to download movies to watch offline. 

    With the Live NetTV App, you can enjoy content from local and international channels, download movies to watch offline, and stream live sports matches for free. Live Net is one of the best live tv apps for amazon fire stick.

    Why Is Live Net TV Not Working?

    Live Net TV has various issues, just like any other app. Since this is only a free streaming app, occasional problems are expected. Some of the reasons include; Live channel freeze, Stream Stuck issues, App not working, Error Fetching Data, error loading streams, and all the other problems. 

    But since they are typically simple to fix, you do not need to worry much about this. Whatever the problem, we will give you the solutions to make your Live NetTV App functional again. 

    How To Fix Live Net TV Not Working?


    Video Loading Error

    If your Live NetTV App starts developing issues like video loading errors, this is usually caused by code problems. The following steps can fix this: 

    • First, make “MX Player” your device’s default player.
    • Next, enable the “HW+ codecs and decodes” by opening the “MX Player Decoder Settings.”
    • Change to “HW Plus” as the codec.

    Your video will repeatedly play after pausing it, and the Stream will be considerably more consistent than it was earlier. In addition, you can now fully take advantage of the platform’s streaming features. 

    Error Fetching Data

    Due to geological limitations, the live stream feature may occasionally not function properly. To Fix this, follow the steps below:


    • Download and Install any strong VPN
    • Select the country of your choice to connect your VPN
    • Open the Android app settings after the connection has been made safely, then clear LiveNet TV’s app data and cache. 
    • Once successfully connected, the videos should start working fine now.

    Live Net TV is not working on Firestick.

    If Live NetTV isn’t working on your Firestick, there’s a chance the App is out of date. You’ll need to reinstall it to ensure the developers still support it. 

    Unstable Live Stream

    This happens when there’s a slow Internet connection. To avoid errors like this whole streaming a video, follow the steps below:

    • Make sure you have a good Internet connection or reduce the quality of the video 
    • On the Live NetTV App, go to settings, then select the stream quality. 
    • Select the SD, medium, or low video stream quality options. Restart the device after that to see if anything has changed for the better. 
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    Fix all other bugs

    • Move to the Settings of your Android device 
    • Click on Apps or Apps Manager 
    • Check for all your apps
    • Click on the menu icon 
    • Then, tap on Reset app Preferences.

    Give the Live Net TV App all permissions under Android’s app settings. You might also want to try another LiveNet Tv alternative.