How to Add BET Plus to Samsung Smart TV in 2023


Bet Plus is an online streaming service launched by BET. This streaming service focuses more on the African American market. It offers various black culture movies, TV Shows, and much more. In this article, we focus more on showing you several ways how to add Bet Plus to Samsung Smart TV.

How to Add BET Plus to Samsung Smart TV


    More About BET Plus 

    BET Plus is an online subscription-based streaming service. 

    This service offers access to other well-known movies, original TV shows, specials, funny TV, and many more. This app is compatible with most gadgets, including the iPhone, iPad, Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, and Smart TV.

    The premium plan of the BET Plus streaming service costs $9.99 per month with 7 days free trial for users who would like to know more about the app. Additionally, you can save 20% by choosing the $94.99/year BET Plus annual membership plan. The app also receives support from other production companies, such as Tyler Perry Studios. You should check out BET Plus if you enjoy Tyler Perry's work, particularly his early Madea films. Since he has grown into a significant entertainment tycoon, the collection of his staged plays that have been shot, including his final production, is fascinating and entertaining to watch.

    If you are interested in this content, the service offers a tiny but growing amount of original programming, so the cost might be justified.

    How to Add BET Plus to Samsung Smart TV

    Downloading an app on a Samsung Smart TV is incredibly easy and straightforward. This procedure can be completed in a few minutes. 


    1. Click on the Smart Hub or Home Button on your remote.
    2. Click on Choose Apps on the home page. 
    3. Select the search icon from the Apps section.
    4. BET+ or BET Plus should be typed into the search box. 
    5. Select "Search"
    6. From the results, choose the BET Plus official app.
    7. Click on download.

    Now you have successfully added BET Plus to Samsung Smart TV. You can now watch all the fantastic shows BET Plus shows.

    How to Watch BET Plus on Samsung Smart TV?

    • Open the BET Plus App on your Samsung Smart TV after downloading it.
    • Select the Watch with the BET+ button.
    • Click the Start Your Free Trails button after that.
    • The payment page will then come up.
    • Enter your credit card information.
    • Subscribe to BET Plus.
    • Your Samsung Smart TV is now ready to stream BET+.

    How to Install & Watch BET Plus on Samsung TV via Firestick?


    • Launch your TV and Firestick to access Bet Plus on Samsung TV, then tap the Smart Hub button. 
    • Then, hover over the Firestick's app section to broadcast it on a Samsung Smart TV and look for Bet Plus. 
    • Search for Bet Plus on the streaming channels of your Firestick, then install it.
    • Once you have successfully downloaded the BET Plus App, launch the Bet on Smart TV and log in with credentials.
    • Now you can start streaming the Bet on Samsung Smart TV without hassle.


    So far, we have provided you with a step-by-step guide on successfully downloading the BET Plus App on Samsung Smart TV. Depending on your budget, you can choose to subscribe to the monthly or yearly plan. Anyone you choose will grant you access to tons of Black American content.