Starlink in Nigeria: How to Order, Data Plans, Pricing in 2023


Since the announcement by Elonmusk that Starlink will soon start operation in Nigeria, many Nigerians, especially those in the tech space, have been anticipating the commencement of this service. Unlike Mtn, Glo, and other ISPs in Nigeria, Starlink provides Internet services using low-orbiting satellites. This enables Starlink to deliver faster internet speed even in remote areas using the same technology used by satellite TV companies.

Starlink in Nigeria How to Order, Data Plans, Pricing

    In this article, we will share everything you need about Starlink, including unlimited data plans and prices, how to order Starlink from any location in Nigeria, and other necessary information about the device.


    What is StarLink?

    Starlink is a satellite constellation mechanism that aims to provide global internet reach. As stated earlier, it’s the best choice for individuals and firms in underserved locations. 

    It means you can always capitalize on Starlink whenever your area has a weak internet connection. With Starlink, you can stream videos, play online games and do everything that requires the internet. 

    Who is the brain behind Starlink, and how does Starlink work? The business mogul and investor Elon Reeve Musk founded Starlink. The system utilizes satellite technology to provide optimum internet connection for users.

    Instead of fiber optics, a satellite mechanism utilizes radio waves via Space. In any case, the ground terminals send the waves to the satellites in orbit. After that, the satellite sends the data back to internet users. 

    The primary goal of Starlink is to smooth the path for edge computing in Outer Space or on Earth. In the real sense of it, it’s challenging to establish global network coverage on Earth. 

    However, Elon Musk has launched a spacecraft firm known as 'SpaceX' since 2002 to make things easier. SpaceX has furnished over forty-two thousand tablet-size spacecraft across the globe to make Starlink work. 


    Starlink is not the only system that provides an internet connection through Space. It has a few contenders like Viasat, OneWeb, and Amazon.

    What sets Starlink apart from contenders is its goal to launch over 40,000 space capsules in the long run to ensure global coverage with fewer outages. As it is now, it offers internet connection to over thirty-six countries, including Nigeria, with the unlimited network coverage. This may not be the dream of other competitors. 

    Starlink Unlimited Data Plan and Pricing In 2023

    Like other ISPs in Nigeria, Starlink has a data plan; however, Starlink offers unlimited data coupled with up to 500mbps download speed instead of capped data plan like most networks. See Starlink subscription data price and plan below:

    Residential: The residential plan costs $600 for hardware and $43 monthly service costs. At the current naira to official dollar rate, the hardware and service cost NGN268,584 and NGN19,260/mo, respectively. The data cap is unlimited, so you can use as many data plans as you want.


    Starlink For RVs: This service is specifically designed for in-motion use. The service gives immediate access to high-speed, low-latency internet in any destination where Starlink is available. It suits travelers and people who enjoy camping in remote locations with unreliable internet connections.

    Unlike the Residential plan, Starlink For RVs allows pause and un-pause service at any time. It is billed in one-month increments, allowing users to customize their service to their travel needs. This service costs NGN24,175.00/mo, a difference of NGN4,915 compared to the Residential service.

    Other services like StarLink Maritime and Business plan are unavailable in Nigeria.

    How to Order Starlink in Nigeria in 2023

    Yes, you can order Starlink in Nigeria, and it will be delivered within 3-4 weeks, even in a shorter time frame in some cases. Follow the guide below to learn how to order Starlink in Nigeria.


    • Dollar Card
    • NIN
    • Billing address
    • Contact Information
    • Name as it appears on your credit card.

    Follow the steps below to order Starlink successfully in Nigeria.


    • Visit Starlink's official website.
    • Enter your residential address in the input box, select the most match address from the suggestions, then click on order now.
    • Contact Information: Fill in your contact information, such as first name, surname, phone number, and email address.
    • Billing Information: In this section, fill in your name as it appears on the card you intend to use. Input the postal code of your area, then fill in your credit card details correctly and don't forget to input your NIN.
    • After correctly filling in the above information, click "Place Order."

    After successfully placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email and information on how to track your order. 

    Furthermore, the Starlink kit includes a Starlink dish, cables, base, and router. With the right combo of resources, it would connect to the internet in no time. You can pay for your Starlink device using any card connected to your domiciliary account. Dollar virtual cards are also an excellent option. 


    Starlink aims to deliver optimum internet coverage to internet users in rural and underserved areas. It utilizes space technology to achieve this. Starlink has managed to reach over 36 countries with this initiative. The drawback of Starlink is its excessive pricing. However, it's the best thing that can ever happen to you regarding fast internet speed. 

    Always visit this website for more information about Starlink internet in Nigeria.