Free Crunchyroll Premium Accounts 2023 (100% working methods)


In this article, our primary focus will be on how to get the Crunchyroll premium accounts in 2023. First, we will look at several methods to get the Crunchyroll premium accounts for free.


    What is Crunchyroll premium?

    Crunchyroll premium is a subscription model with whicfanh you can be one of the first to watch all the content in the Crunchyroll library without ads.

    No advertisements, unlimited access to the Crunchyroll library, new episodes one hour after Japan, and access to digital manga are all included in the premium subscription. However, the  plan allows you to use Stream on one device simultaneously. On the other side, you can simultaneously watch on four devices with the MEGA-FAN Plan. Features for offline viewing are also available with the MEGA-FAN Plan.

    Per the consumer's needs, they offer two primary plans. The third option is only a 1-year subscription package with a discount of 33%.

    Crunchyroll Premium Plans

    First plan: For $5.99 per month, this plan offers minimal services. They refer to it as a FAN plan for their users.


    Second plan: The monthly fee of 9.99 dollars gives you access to Crunchyroll's most outstanding features. For their customers, they refer to it as the MEGA-FAN Plan.

    Third plan: You can purchase the entire year's worth of Mega-Fan plan features for 79.99 dollars. However, with this plan, you save 16% of each penny each month.

    The best thing you can do to improve your experience is to purchase Crunchyroll's premium package. Users with premium accounts have access to the most recent episodes of their favorite series. In addition, you can view your preferred video in full HD on your device without any issues or ads. The best part is that you can cancel the premium membership or version whenever you want and receive VIP customer assistance.

    Crunchyroll Premium Account Benefits

    As previously indicated, capabilities like show downloads to mobile devices are available on the paid subscription tiers. They also provide discounts at the service's retail store and support more concurrent streams per account.

    For general anime announcements, the service also offers its news service. In addition, you can use any image, even your own, as your profile photo. Paid members also get access to custom skins for their profile pages.


    On its website, Crunchyroll is presently conducting an open beta test. It also offers features like recommendations based on your previous viewing experience and a revamped user interface.

    Additionally, you may make your watchlist and custom lists that allow you to categorize and arrange anime series. In addition, you can pause one of your three most recent shows and resume watching it later.

    Other benefits include:

    • Ability to watch all episodes in HD (720p60 and 1090p60).
    • Access to all anime, manga, and KDrama available in the library.
    • Get discounts in the Crunchyroll store.
    • Watch new anime episodes with English Subtitles precisely 1 hour after the Japanese release.
    • Crunchyroll ensures that the money generated from the premium subscriptions goes to the original creators.

    Methods to get Crunchyroll premium accounts for free in 2023

    Free Crunchyroll Premium Accounts

    Now that we have seen how cool the premium version of Crunchyroll is. Let's move to ways to get Crunchyroll premium accounts in 2023.

    Many people are still unaware of how to get the premium version for free or even a lesser amount. You have come to the right site if you're seeking a free Crunchyroll Premium account. You can find everything you need about your subscription and Crunchyroll account here.


    Crunchyroll premium free trial

    There is a way to use the full features of a Crunchyroll premium account without purchasing the package or to learn more about the features of a premium account. All of Crunchyroll's customers are formally given a 14-day free trial.

    You get access to the premium plan's features during the free trial. But to enter certain necessary information, you need a credit card.

    Don't worry about anything; you may remove their plan whenever you want by canceling it. Therefore, before the 14-day free trial, they didn't deduct any money from your account.

    This free trial allows us to access all of the Crunchyroll library's materials. The best part about this trial package is that it gives you access to the entire premium package on the Crunchyroll website without any limits.

    To get the free trial, kindly follow the steps below:

    1. But, first, click here to visit the official site of Crunchyroll.
    2. You can find information about setting up a free account on the right side of the page to be qualified for this trial period.
    3. You must enter a working email address in the first box. Next, give the password you want to use for your account in the following column.
    4. After choosing the option to create an account, you must select the preferred payment method that you'll use to pay for a premium account after enjoying a free trial. They will only take the money when the free trial has ended, so you don't need to worry about it.
    5. After setting up the free account, the 14-day free trial will be activated. So you can now enjoy all the benefits of Crunchyroll premium with zero cost.

    Steps To Follow To Cancel Crunchyroll Premium Free Trial:

    1. First, log in to Crunchyroll using your login information.
    2. Then, visit the user profile and account page.
    3. You can choose to cancel your subscription on the page. To cancel your membership, click the "Cancel membership" button.

    Crunchyroll free promo codes


    While some Crunchyroll customers are hunting for a premium code but cannot locate one, we are providing some promo codes that have been gathered from various sources and can be utilized for Crunchyroll.

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    How to cancel a Crunchyroll premium account

    If you have a Crunchyroll premium and want to cancel your subscription, maybe you want to try other services or have other reasons. Here is how you can cancel the subscription easily.

    1. Open in a web browser.
    2. Login to your account if you haven't done that already.
    3. Then click on the profile tab in the top right corner of the homepage.
    4. Select Settings In the dropdown menu.
    5. Under the account settings section, click on premium membership.
    6. Then, click the cancel membership button right under the premium membership info.
    7. After clicking cancel membership, a pop-up will appear asking you to confirm cancellation. Click OK.


    Crunchyroll remains the most sort-out site for most amine lovers. It is highly known for streaming high-quality anime content Crunchyroll provides its users. This has made Crunchyroll have a large fan base.