How to Get Free Internet on Mtn Network Using XP psiphon .


How to Get Free Internet on Mtn Network Using XP Psiphon  Config file For Both Mtn 0.00k and Mpuls (50mb to 1gb per day).

Allot of people have been craving free internet these days; due to this, Enttechub has introduced an alternative to high data subscription. Here, we have stated a few steps on how to use XP Psiphon to gain access to free internet for Mtn users. 

You can setup XPpsiphon in 4 simple steps. 

 Download XP Psiphon and install it on your android device. 
                 Also, download the configuration below.   

Download Configuration for ampuls user clicks here.

Download Configuration for Mtn 0.00k  user click here.

STEP 1:- After the installation, open XP Psiphon, you will need to import the configuration on the app, so locate the Plus button on the screen.

STEP 2:-  Click on the plus button; click on import. It will automatically direct you to your device storage. Check the image below for a better understanding.

STEP 3:- Select the device storage where the config was saved earlier  

STEP4:- Select the particular config you want to use either the 0.0k config or impulse configs

Make sure you turn on your data connection, then click on connect in the home screen, 
wait for few seconds a key icon will automatically display on your topmost navigation bar, and the home screen will also change. Check the image below for a better understanding.

Now you can browse for free using the XP Psiphon app. ✌✌

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