How to know if an app uses your cell phone camera or microphone


    How to know if an app uses your cell phone camera or microphone

    The eleventh version of the Android system ensures that the user has as much control as possible over the permissions of individual apps. Access to the camera can be allowed once, and position tracking can be started, for example, only when the app is actually used. 

    However, there is one smart thing missing compared to IOS. Android cannot use specific apps' notifications about camera and microphone usage. It can be arranged; only an additional tool is needed. How to tell if an app uses your cell phone camera?

    Download Access Dots – iOS 14 cam/mic access indicators!

    The best way to detect if an app is using your mobile phone camera is to download Access Dots – iOS 14 cam/mic access indicators! Access Dots is a helper in this case. Its task is to bring to Android exactly the function provided by the Apple system. Once installed and configured, it will use a colored dot to indicate at a selected location that one of the apps is using a microphone input or capturing something with a camera. 

    After installation, first, enable access points access to accessibility features. After doing this, the feature is already activated. But you'll probably want to make some more detailed settings. The main thing is the location of the point and its color for the two situations mentioned. This Android tool can display dot notifications in any color when using a camera or microphone with one of the apps. The basics are green for the camera and orange for the microphone. Regarding location, several variants are available for top and bottom, and even specifying the real space using pixel coordinates. However, this is a paid option.

    In addition to displaying the colon, Access Dots has another nice feature. Below the clock icon in the menu in the lower right corner is a “log” or a log of all activities. You will find a history of accessing specific applications to the camera or microphone. And with the exact dates when it happened. Overall, this wizard can easily make it easier to control the behavior of applications. It can be useful not just for suspicious users who don't trust some applications. It can also be used by people who want to explore how a tool behaves in different situations. What if he is abusing his rights.

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    Cell Phone essential to us as it is part of our daily life. Take all precautions to secure your cell phone, as carelessness might lead to irreversible damage. Hope this guide on knowing if an app is using your cell phone camera or microphone is useful for you.