How To Block Youtube on Firestick in 2023 (Complete Guide)


Sometimes it's necessary to block YouTube on Firestick because your kids spend many hours watching YouTube videos, and you're trying to control that. One of the best ways to do that is by blocking YouTube on Firestick. This guide will show you how to block youtube on Firestick. 

Firestick allows you to block apps you want to block. The most recent Fire OS versions provide parental controls that will enable users to temporarily restrict apps. The ability to quickly pin something is the most excellent part of the parental controls tool. The 5-digit pin can be entered whenever you want to unblock or block the apps.

How To Block Youtube on Firestick


    How To Block or delete YouTube On Firestick

    Firestick will only show you the apps you wish to see. So if you want to block any app on Firestick, getting that done does not require any complex procedure.  

    Below are various ways how to block youtube on Firestick: 

    1. Uninstall YouTube on Firestick
    2. Deleting YouTube App on Firestick
    3. Set Parental Controls on Fire TV
    4. Contact Amazon Support

    Uninstall YouTube on Firestick 

    You can delete YouTube services on a Fire Stick by following the instructions below:

    • Visit the Fire TV box
    • Head over to the Settings option. 
    • Following that, you must choose the application option.
    • The Manage Installed Applications option is located under Application Options. 
    • You now enter "YouTube" into the search box and select "Uninstall" to entirely remove the application.
    • Follow the on-screen steps to delete YouTube from your Fire Stick.

    Deleting YouTube App on Firestick


    If you want to entirely remove the YouTube application, follow the steps below:

    • You must first visit your Amazon account's home page.
    • You then select the Amazon Account and List link from here.
    • You must now choose the option for my account.
    • Then digital media and devices show up in front of you.
    • You select the My Apps option from here.
    • Next, the applications list appears in front of you.
    • In the search field, you now choose YouTube.
    • You will select the YouTube option once you have located YouTube.
    • You will be prompted to take action. 
    • When this happens, you choose the delete option and discover that YouTube has been entirely removed from your Fire Stick.

    Set Parental Controls on Fire TV

    With the latest version of Fire TV, it allows you to set parental controls. This way, you don't have to Uninstall YouTube from Firestick. Instead, it just blocks the usual way. 


    • You must first visit the Fire Stick home page.
    • You may get the setting option from here.
    • The Preferences option can be found under the Settings option.
    • You then choose the parental control option from here.
    • Following that, you activate the parental control feature, which calls for inputting a unique PIN that you designate.
    • From there, you can apply for whichever level of limitation you wish.
    • You choose the YouTube app and set the parental control setting. 

    Contact Amazon Support

    In this case, you will need to contact the firestick support number. The technical team then provides you with a variety of information before totally blocking or uninstalling YouTube on your Firestick.

    If you still find it difficult to understand, try talking to the technical team. 

    You can then file a complaint by going to the Amazon community. The technical staff then takes you step-by-step through the process from this point on. Otherwise, simply chatting with customer care can avoid this uncomfortable circumstance.

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    There are several pre-installed apps on the Fire TV Stick when you buy it. Unfortunately, we can't stop them immediately since a process is required. We must first erase them before downloading and pinning them so we can access them whenever we want.