6 Effective ways to Make Android Battery Last Longer Without Using Any App


Have you ever wondered why your phone battery life cut so short? Or after several hours charging, it later runs low in less than an hour or two, several programs can cause this and might need immediate attention.

    In most cases, battery life is part of the criteria we used to choose our spec when purchasing a new phone. We take battery life as part of the most essential property of a cell phone, even without battery a cell phone is useless.
    Each cell phone comes with their battery specification according to the cell phone battery consumption such as 1400 mAP, 2500 mAP etc. if a particular cell phone battery specifications are exceeded the battery life tends to be shortened. Which make it not to last longer as usual.

    6+ Effective Ways to Extend Battery Life on Android

    Make your Android phone battery last longer. Reduce contrast and display. Turn off background data, Don't overcharge battery
    Increase Battery Life on Android

    Here are some practical way to make your android phone battery last longer


    1. Animated Wallpapers Or Screensavers

    Most of us love to have a fancy wallpaper or screensavers displaying animated pictures or texts on our phone either. At the same time, on the lock screen or home screen, yes it always makes the phone environments look beautiful ☺, but the rate of power consumption is a bit high which makes the battery not to last long enough.
    It is better to use a static wallpaper, this won't consume a lot of power or may not even have any effect on battery life.

    Make your Android phone battery last longer. Reduce contrast and display. Turn off background data, Don't overcharge battery
    Change to static Wallpaper


    Go to Settings ⇉  Home Screen ⇉ select Themes or Wallpaper then change it to any static wallpaper that suits you.

    2. Turn Off Background Data

    There are some apps which are designed to work in the background even when you are not using them, this is apps which need to give users notifications since your data connection is turned on or WiFi is connected with internet access. Disabling background data will help not only to reduce battery consumption but also make your data subscription last longer.

    You can do this by going to SettingsMobile Network now select any app you want to stop from consuming data in background OR Read this article.


    3. Use Lite Apps

    These days most social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter now has lite apps apart from their official apps. This lite apps consist of lass features which make a bit different for the standard apps, lite apps are made to prevent power consumption and also data consumptions. 

    I will recommend you to download lite apps instead of the normal ones. Go to PlaystoreSearch for Facebook lite, Twitter lite, etc. and install it.

    4. Switch to 2G Or 3G Network

    Data consumption rate can also make your android phone battery drain faster. However, the 2G or 3G network is not as fast as using the 4G network I must say this 4G network consumes more power then when you are using other network speed, this because of the downloading rate and speed of the system.
    When a 3G network is 400Kb/s 4G might be 1Mb/s, making it consume much more power to suit these standards. 
    Go to SettingsMobile networks select 2G - 3G or GSM/WCDMA

    Make your Android phone battery last longer. Reduce contrast and display. Turn off background data, Don't overcharge battery
    Switch to 2G or 3G Network

    5. Reduce Contrast and Display


    The contrast ratio is a property of a display system, defined as the ratio of the luminance of the brightest colour (white) to that of the darkest colour (black) that the system is capable of producing. A high contrast ratio is a desired aspect of any display. 

    The amount of contrast ratio in a phone display has a high impact on battery consumption, the more the brightness, the higher the show, the lower the battery life.

    It is advisable to reduce your phone brightness to the minimal. Go to SettingsDisplayBrightness and reduce it to the minimum.

    6. Turn Off Auto-WiFi

    Auto-WiFi is a setting on an android phone which makes your mobile data connection to automatically switch to WiFi whenever there is any available WiFi connection.
    This setting does not have a high impact on battery consumption but also take part in it. In the sense that it is an automatic action and also make the WiFi to keep searching for any available hotspots in the background so it will be advisable to turn off this setting.
    Make your Android phone battery last longer. Reduce contrast and display. Turn off background data, Don't overcharge battery
    Reduce brightness

    Other Preventive Measures To Make Android Phone battery Last Longer

    • Do not use your phone while charging. This might cause a lot of havoc on the phone as well as the owner.
    • Charge a new battery for at least 8hrs  before using, this will expand the battery life to the maximum.
    • Avoid removal of your android phone battery too often to prevent battery connector damage or slack.
    • Don't overcharge the battery. When a phone battery is fully charged it is advisable to unplug the charger and wait on till it has discharged to 60% before charging the phone again, this will prevent the battery from overcharging and other damage.