9mobile HTTP Injector VPN Free Browsing Cheat 2020


9mobile HTTP Injector VPN Free Browsing Cheat

9mobile HTTP Injector VPN free browsing cheat is back; this is another good news for free browsing cheat lovers. 9mobile free browsing has been gone for a while except for the 9mobile social pack cheat we sheared on this blog some month ago. in this post, I will be sharing the latest method to activate 9mobile free browsing cheats on HTTP Injector VPN. Many people have enjoyed these cheats, so feel free to follow the steps in this post to activate yours as it's still working perfectly.

This 9mobile HTTP Injector free browsing cheat is not unlimited; it is capped at 2.5GB and valid for 1 month. This should be satisfying if you are not a heavy data user. You can use this cheat as often as you wish, but the only wrong side is the download speed. It is pretty slow but will work well for browsing and loading web pages. This is the 9mobile social pack cheat, but we are using an HTTP injector as it has been our primary source of free browsing for years. We have also shared the latest HTTP injector configuration Ehi file, available for download on this blog.

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  • Android Phone.
  • 9mobile 3G or 4G SIM.
  • N350 Social Pack Subscription.
  • HTTP Injector VPN Apk [Download Here]

 9mobile HTTP Injector Free Browsing Cheat Settings

  • Subscribe to 9mobile 2GB social pack plan by dialing *200*3*3*2*3#. This costs N350 only.
  • Now dial *228# for the 500MB.
  • Download the 9mobile SocialPak 2GB ehi file From Here.  The first file works better for UK Server, the Second for Germany, and the last for the Netherland. The same goes for the 500MB version.
  • And then download the 9mobile SocialPak 500MB ehi file From Here.

How To Import Config File On To The HTTP Injector Vpn

  • Firstly download and install HTTP Injector VPN App 
  • After installing HTTP Injector Apk, launch the App
  • Tap on the paper icon at the top-right corner of the App
  • Tap on Import Config, locate the 9mobile SocialPak config file and tap to import. (Make sure you use the 2GB Ehi File first).
  • Finally, turn on your data connection and click on Start. The App will connect within 10 seconds. After a successful connection, launch your browser or any app and start browsing.
This is the latest 9mobile HTTP Injector VPN Free Browsing Cheat April/May 2020 so grab your share while it last.