1and1 Webmail: Complete Login and Signup Guide 2023


1and1 Webmail is an email provider like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, etc. However, it offers one of the most secure emailing services with several features. If you are interested in 1and1 Webmail and wish to know the login and signup procedures, here is a complete guide.

1and1 Webmail Complete Login and Signup Guide 2022

Here, we've shared the step-by-step guide to login in and creating a 1and1 Webmail account. So continue reading to get the best understanding of the platform.


    About 1and1 Webmail

    1and1 Webmail was formally a mailing service now known for one of their product IONOS by 1&1. IONOS by 1&1 is a web hosting company based in Germany and was founded in 1988. It is now managed by United Internet and provides services like Web Hosting, SSL certificates, Email Services, Dedicated Hosting, Domain Registration, website builder packages, cloud hosting, and virtual private servers. 

    Furthermore, IONOS has over 90 thousand servers worldwide, making it easier to deliver quality services. Also, they provide one of the cheapest managed WordPress hostings, starting from US$0.50/month. So, if you are looking to test out 1and1 Webmail services, here is the complete login and signup guide for you.

    1and1 Webmail Login Requirements

    To prevent encountering any error when login into your 1and1 Webmail, it is essential to understand that a few things are required to enjoy the full benefits of the 1&1 webmail service.


    1. A Smartphone, Tablet, or PC with an internet connection.
    2. An internet browser. Chrome or firefox.
    3. 1 and 1 webmail web address you must have 1and1 Webmail's customer ID, Email ID, and Password.

    How To Create 1and1 Webmail Account: 1and1 Webmail Signup

    Another exciting thing about 1&1webmail is that you don't need special knowledge to register an account or sign up. However, 1 and 1 let users choose between personal and business accounts. So you need to be sure about the kind of account you want to create. 

    Of course, business mail offers more features and advantages over personal mail. So if you are creating an email for your business, you should signup for a business email address. You can follow the simple steps below to sign up for 1and1 Webmail.


    1. Open 1 and 1 Webmail's actual website, "ionos.com," in your browser.
    2. Click on Email & Office on the webpage, then select Professional Email Address.
    3. On the next page, scroll down. You will see a section where you can select a preferred professional email plan. 
    4. You can choose between Mail Basic 1, Mail Basic +1, or Mail Business. Each email plan comes with more features and price increases, respectively. 
      1. Mail Basic 1: Costs US$1 per month and only accommodates 1 email account with 2GB storage. It also includes a free domain.
      2. Mail Basic +1: Costs US$4 per month, 1 email account with 12GB storage, and all features of  Mail Basic 1.
      3. Mail Business: Costs US$5 per month, unlimited email accounts with 50GB storage for each email account.
    5. Based on the features of each email plan, you can easily choose the one that fits your interest. 
    6. Then click on continue and fill in your details correctly for signup.
    7. Choose your preferred payment method and make a payment.
    8. Now you are done.

    That's all for how to create a 1and1 Webmail Account. Now let's move to how to log in to your account.

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    How to log in to the 1and1 Webmail email?

    Now that you've created your 1and1 Webmail Account, the next thing is to log in and start using your account. Follow the steps below to log in to your account.



    1. Open 1 and 1 Webmail's actual website, "ionos.com," in your browser.
    2. Click on Email & Office on the webpage, then select Webmail Login.
    3. Fill in your account credentials on the Webmail login page, then click login.


    1. Launch the browser on your PC, click on https://mail.ionos.com/, or type https://webmail.1and1.com login in the address bar. 
    2. Type in your registered email address and password.
    3. To save the login credentials in the browser, check the "Remember Me" box.
    4. Then click on the "Login" button. You're in now.

    How to Change 1 and 1 Webmail Account Password?

    If you forget your password, you can follow the steps below to get a new one. Note that you will need your customer id, email, or domain.


    1. Visit https://mail.ionos.com/ in your browser.
    2. Right after the Email address box, you will see Forget Password. Click on it.
    3. This will open a new page. Type your "Customer ID, Email address assigned to your IONOS account, or Domain," whatever you can remember, and then click on "Request New Password."
    4. IONOS will send you a reset link to your email attached to your webmail account.
    5. Check your email for the rest link and click on them.
    6. This will open a new page where you can change your password. Now, enter a new password of your choice. Remember your password must be 12 characters long, including numbers, uppercase, lowercase letters, and special characters.
    7. Once you've decided what password you want to use, enter your password, retype it for confirmation, and click on save changes.
    8. Congrats, you've successfully changed the password for your 1&1 webmail account.

    1and1 Webmail Smtp Settings

    If you are looking to set up an SMTP setting to send or receive the email from your customer on 1and1 Webmail, the details below are what you need. 

    Incoming Email Settings (IMAP):

    Server Nameimap.1and1.com

    Incoming Email Settings (POPS):

    Server Namepop.1and1.com

    Outgoing Email Settings (SMTP)

    Server Namesmtp.1and1.com

    How to Contact 1and1 Webmail Customer Support?

    If you have an issue with your 1and1 Webmail, the right thing to do is contact customer support. Read the instruction below to learn how to contact 1and1 Webmail customer support.

    1and1 takes its customers seriously, and they provide a flexible customer support system. You can contact them via email [email protected] or by phone number 1-484-254-5555. Also, their customer support system is available 24/7.

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  8. Wrapping Up:

    1and1 Webmail or IONOS by 1&1 provides reliable email services and is cost-efficient. This guide covered login, 1and1 account creation, and other helpful information. Kindly comment if you have any questions.